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Tai Chi for MS Program
Therapeutic Recreation Center

T’ai Chi is a Chinese martial art consisting of gentle movements meant to stimulate the body’s “chi,” or energy. Tai Chi promotes balance in the body, both mentally and physically.
Tai Chi can be practiced standing or sitting and may help to:
    • Improve balance and coordination
    • Increase muscle tone
    • Increase mental focus
    • Boost a body’s ability to cope with stress
    • Promotes relaxation and sound sleeping
    • Encourages living in the moment
    • Provides a fun way to exercise and meet new people
All levels of physical ability are welcome to participate.

Cost: $26 per session - Mondays and Wednesdays Sept 3 to Nov 27, 2013

Registration: Call 580-837-8059

Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Repeat every week until 11/27/2013