LINKS Teleconference Series 2012: Health Insurance: Your Rights and Responsibilities

LINKS Teleconference Series

We are pleased to present a series of teleconferences for clients with MS and their families entitled "LINKS." Whether you just received a diagnosis of MS or have been living with it for a long time--the goal of this series is to "link" you with information and tips on how to maintain your quality of life in the years ahead.

The series is made up of nine teleconferences held Tuesday nights (7-8 pm) from April 3 through May 29, 2012.

Each teleconference lasts just one hour and is accessible via a toll-free number. You can ask questions or just listen to the information. Best of all, you can do so from the privacy of your own home. Participate in several calls or just the one that interests you.


April 3rd, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Health Insurance: Your Rights and Responsibilities

People with MS and their families know that health insurance is one of their most important life lines. But confusion about health insurance, from employer-based health plans to Medicaid and other government-based coverage, is common. This call will provide an overview of the major sources of health coverage for people with MS, with an emphasis on your rights and responsibilities as covered individuals.

Guest Speaker: Kim Calder is the Director of Federal Health Affairs and Insurance Policy for the National MS Society. She leads efforts to promote access to quality MS care and optimal benefits for people with MS in health, disability, and other forms of insurance. Prior to joining the MS Society's national office in New York in 2003, her career focused on advocacy and government relations in the cancer community. She has previously held public policy positions at Cancer Care, Inc., the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations and the American Cancer Society. Ms. Calder holds a Masters of Policy Studies degree from The New School for Social Research in New York City.

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