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New Wellness Resource for You and Your Patients
Winter 2016

The National MS Society supports MS healthcare professionals with publications and tools to enhance clinical practice, and resources for people living with MS and their families.

New evidence-based resources are available to help you discuss wellness-related topics with your patients and integrate lifestyle and complementary strategies into MS management.

Wellness Discussion Guide for People with MS and their Healthcare Providers — Integrating Lifestyle and Complementary Strategies into MS Care

Up-to-date information about wellness and MS includes evidence-based strategies in the areas of diet, emotional wellness, and physical activity and exercise, as well as preventive healthcare and the use of complementary therapies. Use the guide to enhance conversations and shared decision-making about lifestyle and complementary approaches to optimize health and wellness with MS.

Additional Wellness Resources for You and Your Patients

• MS and Smoking summarizes current evidence about the impact of active and passive smoking on MS risk and disease progression, how smoking may reduce response to disease-modifying therapy, and how quitting smoking may reduce symptoms, and disease activity and progression.
• Diet and MS summarizes evidence about the role of diet in MS and provides an overview of popular “MS diets.”
• Depression in MS: What We Know, What We Need to Learn, and What We Can Do Today describes the outcomes of a 2015 National MS Society meeting of clinicians, researchers, and people with MS and family members in which key priorities for education, support, research, access to care and advocacy — and the steps to address those priorities — were outlined.

Wellness is a Priority

Published in the U.S. Neurology Journal last month, the Society has outlined what is currently known about diet, exercise and emotional issues in MS, what questions still need to be answered, and what gaps exist in research and programming.

Free Mobile Application and Resources

The National MS Society’s award-winning website nationalMSsociety.org, free mobile app for healthcare professionals (Apple, Android and Windows), and custom USB drive (call 1-800-344-4867) contain the most up-to-date content about MS, new therapies, continuing MS research and more.