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As an MS healthcare professional you know that medications have transformed the outlook for relapsing MS over the last 20 years. Yet, many people living with MS cannot access the treatments that they and their physicians feel are best due to high and rapidly escalating prices, increasing out-of-pocket costs, confusing and inconsistent formularies, and complex approval processes.

The National MS Society believes this must change.
We are calling on all involved — pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers, pharmacy benefit managers, specialty pharmacies, policy makers, people living with MS — and you, healthcare professionals — to open a dialogue. We must work together and focus on getting people with MS the medications they need to live their best lives.

Medications can only change lives if people can access them.
Medications — and the process for getting them — must be affordable, simple and transparent.

As a respected healthcare professional and leader in your community, you can help by asking your presidential and congressional candidates to pledge their support for making medications accessible to those who need them. Visit our website for the candidate pledge and detailed recommendations from the National MS Society on this important issue.
Make MS Medications Accessible
The National MS Society supports MS healthcare professionals through professional publications, tools and materials, as well as resources to share with patients and their families. Our information and resources are designed to help people affected by MS live their best lives — in partnership with all of the members of the MS comprehensive healthcare team.
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