A Day in the Life of a Mucker

60 to 90 minutes before your start time:
Key Check – check.
Sacrificial offering to Muck, the Patron Saint of Dirty Diversions – check.
Quick call to therapist – no time.
Update Facebook status to “Things are about to get mucky!

Registration and Packet Pick-Up. Pin on the bib, which shows your assigned wave (start time) and, more important, it gets you two cold beers or soft drinks and lunch in the MuckFestival area after the run. The bib goes on the back, and there’s even a friendly Bib Valet (volunteer) there to help you. The zip tie in your packet is to attach the timing chip to your shoe.

Take your gear to Key Check and a volunteer will use the tear strip from your bib to identify your gear.

Hydrate. Get some water inside of you as you’ll be running and slogging your way through the watery muck in short order. You should also check out the MuckFestival area. Think about partying there after the race, after you get hosed off. Okay, stop thinking about being hosed off – you have a lot of mucking around to do first! And best of all, your mucking around supports the work of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which is serious about providing vital services to people living with MS and funding critical MS research.

30 minutes before your start time: If yours is not the first wave to go, watch your fellow Muckers start. Make absolutely sure your friends and family have a good view of the first few obstacles. They’ll want to see and memorialize your first mucktacular and hilarious plunge! Stick around the start area and listen for your wave to be called. If you’re on a team, make sure your teammates are there.

10 minutes before your start: Shoe check. The great sucking sound you hear in the distance is someone’s foot being swallowed by thick, gooey mud, so secure that footwear! We’re not doing any Cinderella shoe reunions afterward. Listen for your wave time to be called.

Your wave is called: Move into the chute with your team. Wish everyone, “Good muck.” Wait for the AIR HORN. The timer starts as soon as you cross the start line with a few hundred of your fellow Muckers. Oh, forgot to mention, the start line is also a curtain call, a Muck Curtain, that is. Might as well get wet, because you are about to get mucking dirty.

Slog through the triple pits: Yes, we agree, that is a weird sensation as your drawers fill up with muck . . . it’s also kind of pleasant . . . wait, where was I? The mud seems to be getting deeper. Really?

Zig-zag pits. Hip-deep in muck. Out and running through the dappled sunlight of a sylvan glade. What’s a sylvan glade? Suddenly, you’re face-to-face with the Oh Crap. That’s the name of the obstacle, but feel free to shout it out when you see it.

Follow the orange tape to your next challenge. The Spider Web, a two-story web of interconnected ropes. However, in your direction you stay on the ground and navigate your way through the web of bungee cords while Muckers from the other direction climb above you. Oh yeah, that stuff falling on your head from above is mud, at least we think it is.

Just when you thought you were hosed, you’re confronted with a fireman ladder to the top of a 20’ platform. Reach out and grab that fireman pole to slide down. Quick, think of a theme song and hum it as you slide down the pole to the muddy landing pad below.

Following the arrows and orange tape to the Tight Rope. There’s no balance bar, so you’ll have to use your kung fu grip to hold onto the rope by your head. Either that or you’re taking a dip.

Cargo net, up and over. More pits. On to the Skootch. You want me to do what with my hips on the 20-inch pipe to get across the water? Is that legal?

A trail run with occasional mucky pits and a few creek crosses, maybe a pond or two. River Ropes takes you directly INTO the drink. Walk, swim, paddle or just pull yourself through the water along our roped off course. Yes, you’re one soggy doggy at this point.

Hey Sea Biscuit, here comes the Steeple Chase. The goal here is to not look like too much of a horse’s you-know-what as you get yourself up and over these obstacles.

Next is one of our favorites. The Thunderstorm. Let’s just say, darkness, confined space, muck up to your chin, lightning and thunder.

Take a slide down the muck-covered hill while getting sprayed with water. A welcoming mud bath awaits you at the bottom. Just tell yourself it’s a spa and then the whole thing becomes sooo therapeutic. Bring your own cucumber slices.

Where are you on the course? How much more do you have to endure? What’s your name? How many fingers am I holding up? Check out the mile markers along the course and stop to hydrate at our two hydration and first aid stations. Check yourself out in the head-to-toe mirror. Gorgeous!

Follow the arrows and orange tape out of the trail run to the final set of obstacles. You can see the beer tent from here, but now is not the time to get distracted.

Hey Jungle Jane and Tarzan, it’s the Spinner. Get a running start and grab a rope and hold on for dear life. Can’t hold on? Don’t worry, the drop is into about 4’ of water and you can climb out the other side.

Oh muck! Another jump? How deep is that water? Is that Nessie? Six feet looks much higher from up here.

The Spider Web returns. This time you climb over and let the mud bombs fall on the poor Muckers below. Now you can see the finish line, but first, wait, what is that? It’s the Swing Set, but unlike elementary school, we encourage you to see how far you can jump off. There’s another water pit waiting for you. Swim through, crawl out and run across the finish line and see how your fans run away when you try to hug them; that is, if all of you aren’t laughing too hard. Check your time as you cross the finish line.

CELEBRATE! YOU DID IT! If there’s anyone you need to say, “Told you so!” to, do it now, before you pick up your event shirt. Report to the hose-off area to get, well, hosed off. Pick up your gear from gear check.

Gather your entourage and head over to the MuckFestival area. It is time to celebrate, but it’s also a chance to reflect on the challenges you overcame today on the MuckFest MS course. Take a moment to visit the National MS Society tent to see clearly how your participation and fundraising helps people living with MS overcome the difficult challenges in their daily lives.

When you’re ready, get your beer and some grub with the tickets attached to your bib. Food and drinks (including beer) are available for your friends and family to purchase and they are invited to hang out with you and your team.

Don’t forget about the Lil’ Muckers area, where your kids can muck it up just like you.

Settle in and enjoy the live music and the hilarious views of other Muckers finishing the course. We’ll announce the Race winners. We will also have a few surprises, so stick around.

Have a question? Get it answered over in the FAQ.