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Welcome to KPMG's Team Page

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Welcome to the National MS team page for KPMG! Here you will find information on the 2014 upcoming events: Walk MS, Bike MS and Challenge Walk. Stay tuned for more information as the months progress. KPMG has been recognized by the NMSS as a Corporate Star - the highest level of recognition for its corporate partners. This is a direct result of our people’s commitment to community service. KPMG has a long record of service.

KPMG's people across the U.S. volunteer for and manage community involvement programs that give life to our core value — We are committed to our communities — and reflect the personal and charitable interests of partners and employees in their local communities. Many take advantage of the firm's Volunteer Time Release program, and even more give hundreds of hours of their own time to help enhance the lives of others. In FY13, partners and employees volunteered more than 105,000 hours of time — nearly 35,000 hours were through paid Volunteer Time Release and an additional 70,000 hours were donated through other volunteerism, community, and fundraising events.

Consider joining our team at an MS event near you, if you don’t see an existing team near you, start a new team. Contact your local Involve Coordinator to find out what’s going on in your office.

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