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Challenge Walk


Accept the Challenge.
Journey toward a world free of MS.

Challenge Walk MS is a 2 to 3 day, 30-50 mile walk offered in nine unique locations across the country. It's the perfect way to embrace a personal challenge while joining a journey toward a single destination: a world free of MS.

Find a Challenge Walk MS near you

It just takes one person to inspire hundreds—that's the idea behind being a team captain. As a team captain, you become a leader in the powerful movement toward a world free of MS.
Learn more about becoming a Walk MS team captain!
Top 2007 Challenge Walk MS Individual Fundraisers
Rank Name Chapter Amount Raised
1 Kent Confeld
Minnesota $27,372
2 Grace Andrews
Central New England $24,025

Bill & Kristi Bisch

Pacific South Coast $23,100
4 Dean Bussey Minnesota $18,868
5 Caroline Krantz Central New England $18,626

Top 2007 Challenge Walk MS Team Fundraisers
Rank Team Name Team Captain Chapter Amount Raised
1 Team BioLucent
Chris Serocke Pacific South Coast
2 NorCal Street Walkers Colleen Brown Pacific South Coast
3 TEAM 'XS ENERGY' 2007 Russell Bates Pacific South Coast
4 Pam's Posse Pamela Gifford Greater Delaware Valley $46,993

Mix 98.5's Brady Bunch

Jack Enright Central New England $46,253
Top 2007 National Team Fundraisers
Rank Team Name Amount Raised
1 BP
2 Giant Foods $667,372
3 Dow $449,898
4 Conoco $443,869



2007 Complete Listings
Individual Fundraisers (PDF) Local Teams (PDF) National Teams (PDF)


Last updated January 30, 2008

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