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WAMS (Women Against MS)


Women Against MS (WAMS) is a nationwide education and fundraising program founded in 1999. WAMS events are fundraising lunches that create an inspiring, motivational and empowering environment.

WAMS creates a social environment for likeminded people to gather, learn about multiple sclerosis, and raise funds to fight MS while typically sharing the joys of a fine lunch. Unlike the Society's more classic events, with WAMS there is no defined formal structure such as fashion shows, raffles, auctions, or entertainment, instead each WAMS event has a steering committee of women leaders committed to the MS cause who ask their friends and business associates to join them for lunch and make a set minimum charitable donation to help end the devastating effects of MS.

While men are certainly welcome to join us at this event, it was founded by women who wanted to come together in the fight against MS. Two thirds of the people living with MS are women, and women often are the care providers for everyone else. The WAMS luncheon creates an opportunity to empower each other to create a better future for those living with MS today and those who haven't yet been diagnosed.


You can play an important role in beating MS through WAMS in two key ways:

Print the WAMS Citizen Petition
Sign and mail to your U.S. representative in congress. Find your representative

Give a gift along with the petition
You make the life-changing work of the National MS Society possible. And its critical work for those battle MS and their families.

Together we can encourage more funding for MS research to find the cause better treatment and the cure. The more petitions we have, the stronger the impact!

Today some twenty National MS Society chapters are hosting WAMS luncheons across the country that draw between 200 - 700 attendees who come to learn more about multiple sclerosis and give "from the heart" to help friends, family members, neighbors and colleagues. The program has already raised over $2.5 million to support the work of the Society.

National Chair of WAMS, Teri Garr
National Chair of WAMS, Teri Garr

In 2004 actress and comedienne Teri Garr was named the first national chair of the Women Against MS program. "As a mother, a person with MS and an advocate for the MS cause, I have a strong empathy for the WAMS programs and the people I met at events where I have spoken," Garr said. "I think we inspire each other to fight even harder to make MS just another footnote in history. I am honored to be the Chair of the National MS Society's Women Against MS program."

In 2005 Rain Pryor, daughter of comedian Richard Pryor, also became an Ambassador for this growing program

To find out more about WAMS opportunities in your area, please contact your local chapter.

  Last updated November 13 , 2006  
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