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Living with MS

Life Planning and Independence

Modifications for Work and Home

I came to discover that barrier-free design does not have to mean an institutional appearance. It was wonderful to witness the simplicity and unobtrusiveness of many design solutions.
—Karen Stone
General Information
 Universal Design: Opening Every Door
Universal Design enables everybody, not just people with disabilities, to get around. There’s just one problem: UD is not universal—yet.

Buying That Big-Ticket Item: Stair Lifts, Ramps, and Wheelchairs
Being a smart consumer means paying the lowest possible price for the best possible equipment.


Occupational Therapy
OT is concerned with ways to accomplish specific everyday tasks, from personal grooming to housekeeping to on-the-job tasks.

work icon Work Modifications
Information for Employers
Includes a basic summary on workplace accommodations to give to your employer
Should I Work? Information for Employees
General overview of the employment issues that might concern people newly diagnosed

The Win-Win Approach to Reasonable Accomodations
Should problems related to your MS affect your job performance, you will need to identify job modifications—called “accommodations” in legal language—that will enable you to continue doing your job

home iconHome Modifications
At Home with MS: Adapting Your Environment
Design your environment with accessibility, ease of use, energy conservation, safety, and style in mind
The Smallest Room in the House
Making the bathroom safer and easier to use
Simplify Your Life
Got clutter? Experts offer shortcuts to restructuring both attitude and environment
Advocacy Issues
ADA and People with MS: A Guarantee of Full Participation in Society
The ADA covers every person with an impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities
Disability Rights
Includes information about accessibility rights




National database of assistive devices and rehabilitation equipment for people with disabilities.

Buying an Adapted Vehicle


Video/DVD Video

Tips for Building Modular Ramps and Steps
Produced by Metropolitan Center for Independent Living
Instructions and step-by-step plans for building modular ramps and stairs. Companion to construction manual.

To order:
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1600 University Avenue W.
St. Paul, MN 55104-3825
(651) 603-2029 (voice)
(651) 603-2001 (TTY)


Could you work if you had training? transportation?
special equipment?

There may be employment options available to you that you haven't considered yet. You are limited more by your imagination than you are by the symptoms of MS, so spend some time exploring your career interests and identifying your dream job—make a call to your state’s vocational rehabilitation program.
Get started!

  Last updated May 24, 2007    
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