1. How do I find a participant's personal fundraising webpage?
    Click on Donate and search by their first or last name.

  2. Why can't I find a participant I'm looking for?
    Try entering just the first few letters of the participant's name to get more results.

  3. Are matching gifts available?
    Your employer may sponsor a matching gift program that will match the donation you just made. For more information, please visit
  4. Are donations tax-deductible in the United States?
    Yes. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by United States law.

  5. Where should I mail donation checks?
    Click here to look up your local chapter address.When you mail your checks, make sure you have your name and MuckFest MS city listed on the check. For donations mailed to the Upper Midwest Chapter, please include the attached deposit slip.
  6. Are registration fees tax-deductible?
    No. Registration fees are not tax-deductible.

  7. Who should I make my check out to?
    National Multiple Sclerosis Society
  8. How are the fundraising proceeds used?
    The National MS Society uses the funds raised through MuckFest MS to fuel cutting-edge MS research and to provide vital programs and services for people affected by MS.

  9. Do all donors receive a receipt?
    All donors, regardless of the amount of the donation, will receive a receipt if they provide a valid email address when donating online. Online donations generate an emailed receipt after the donation is made. Donors can print that receipt for tax purposes or personal records.

  10. How do I make a donation to a team?
    Click on Donate to a Participant or Team and search by the team name. Please note that this donation cannot be split among team members. If you wish to donate to an individual participant, search for the participant’s name instead.

  11. Are cash donations accepted?
    No, we cannot accept cash donations. If you receive a cash donation, do one of the following: Ask the donor if, instead, they could make a credit card donation online, which is preferred. Tell them that they will receive a receipt when they donate online, which they can use for tax purposes. You can also keep the donor’s cash and make a personal credit card donation online. If you do this, your donors will not receive a receipt for their donation and so, the tax deduction for their donation will not be available.

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