Add more teammates and earn a gift certificate for your team to use at MuckFest™ MS Denver.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Starting Monday, August 12, until midnight MT on Monday, August 19, add as many team members to your team as possible.

The reward: The top team that adds the most team members between August 12th and August 19th will earn a $100 Gift Certificate for Muck Merchandise.

The gift certificate must be redeemed on the event.

Reminders: It doesn’t matter if your team has 2 or 200 members, we’re only counting team members added between August 12th and the 19th. Our muck-lawyer wanted us to add that team status is determined by the number of team members recorded in the Participant Center as of midnight MT on August 19th. (Follow this link for full Terms and Conditions.)

Log in to check your team’s current status using your username and password. Click here for help logging in.

How to get more muckers on your team:
Before you start getting measured for your new MuckFest MS jumpsuit, forward this email to your entire team and tell them “get up offa that thing” and rustle up some new team members.

MuckFest MS    

Send a Gift Card for $25 Off 
Send your friends and family this special gift card for $25 off their registration.

More team-building tools and ideas

Email or Facebook messages: Use these pre-written Sample Recruitment Messages on the website. We have versions of messages for recruiting team members at your workplace, from among your family and friends, and from your neighborhood or community. There’s even a general recruitment message that you can fancy up any way you choose.

Digital Downloads: Use these downloadable MuckFest MS graphics to invite team members to join your team. Sometimes a picture says it all:
MuckFest MS

Don’t forget to tell your potential muck-mates your team name and that they need to choose JOIN A TEAM when they register. Good muck!