MuckFest Obstacles
Triple Pits Walk on Water Spider Web (under) Big Balls Tunnel of Love (over) Slither Spill Hill Tight Rope Skid Mark First Aid The Thunderstorm Mt. Muck-imanjaro The Spinner The Dragon Crawl Muck Off Zig Zag Swing Set Tunnel of Love (under) Spider Web (over) Belly Crawl Finish Lil’ Muckers MuckFestival

The map above is a sample layout of the MuckFest™ MS course. The layout of each event course, including which obstacles are possible and their placement, is different based on each event site. However, for all events the MuckFestival area will afford spectators with great views of the obstacles for mucktacular photo opportunities.

1. Triple Pits
2. Walk on Water
3. Spider Web (Under)
4. Big Balls
5. Tunnel of Love (Over)
6. Slither
7. Spill Hill
8. Tight Rope
9. Skid Mark
10. The Thunderstorm
11. Mt. Muck-imanjaro
12. The Spinner
13. The Dragon Crawl
14. Muck Off
15. Zig Zag
16. Swing Set
17. Tunnel of Love (Under)
18. Spider Web (over)
19. Belly Crawl

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