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A Shot of Encouragement

Not an actual shot, but if you’d like to partake while reading these inspirational quotes, we won’t stand in your way.

It matters…
“MuckFest® MS was for me a baptism by mud. I had returned to work for a little over a month before the event. I had been sick for many months, but I still raised over $2,000. Each day I would say to myself, ‘You can do this, just make it through this day. Keep moving!’ Being able to do MuckFest MS and fundraise for the Society gave me a new life... a life moving away from survival mode.” --Mary B.

Take that first step and start fundraising. You can do it! Start here or contact us to get some help—that’s what we’re here for.

Give your friends, family and coworkers options…
“I am still able to work with my MS, so I send an email to all my coworkers asking them to join my team. I give them the option of donating if they can’t join my team. It works really well, especially because they know I care about the cause.” --Madelyn L.

Use one of our pre-written messages to invite people to join you or support you with a donation. Let people know this is a cause you care about.

Make it personal, and be social…
“If people can see that you have a personal connection to the cause, and that it really means something to you, they are more likely to donate. I also think social media is really helpful. I use Facebook to get most of my donations.” --Michael F.

Get the Facebook or Mobile apps for MuckFest MS to help you fundraise and connect with your friends on social media. These are free for all MuckFest MS participants.

Your Personal Fundraising Page

When you registered, a Personal Fundraising Page was created for you. You can find your page by searching with your name and home state here. On this page, people can donate, join your team and see fundraising status.

After you register, it has generic text and a default photo. (Past Participants may have text and photos from previous years.) We recommend that you log into the Participant Center and update your page with a photo and add your own message. If you forgot your username or password? Don't fret, click here for help.

Your Participant Center

When you log in to the website with your username and password, you can:

• edit your Personal Fundraising Page and add a photo and message

• set your fundraising goal—this is very important as it will give you something to aim for.

• send fundraising emails to potential donors—these messages are pre-written for your convenience.

• check your fundraising progress and see who has responded to your fundraising emails sent through the Participant Center.

If your username or password just slipped your mind, click here for help.

Fundraise Fast

Get started with a personal donation. Donate any amount you’re comfortable with — $10, $25, or more. If you do that, and then ask five family members or friends to match your donation, you’ll be surprised how quickly your fundraising status changes.

The Secret Power of the Personal Donation (Shhhh!): Veteran fundraisers almost always start their fundraising with a personal donation. A personal donation shows commitment to the cause and it encourages potential donors to give.

Fundraise with Facebook app

You can fundraise with Facebook. Our app installs in just a few seconds on your Facebook page. It allows your entire Facebook network to donate directly to you. Download and install the Fundraising with Facebook app. You will log into the Participant Center to download the app because the app connects directly to your fundraising account on our website. Click here for help logging in.

Mobile Phone Fundraising app

Go mobile! Manage and share your experience on the go with our updated MuckFest MS mobile app. Fundraise and connect with others through social media and email, update your web pages, check your progress, and much more all from the palm of your hand! And it’s free!

iPhone app available through iTunes

Android app available through Google Play

Sample Fundraising Messages

Feel free to use the messages “as is” or better yet, add a line or two to personalize the message and hit “Send!” Please note that pre-written messages are also available to you in your Participant Center. Click here for help logging into your Participant Center.

Sample Fundraising Message

This year I'm participating in MuckFest® MS, the fun mud and obstacle 5K that supports people living with multiple sclerosis (MS). While MuckFest MS is an event that’s built for laughs, I’m serious about raising funds on behalf of the National MS Society

I’ve already made a personal donation because this is a cause I believe in.

Your donation will be hard at work helping people in need and moving us closer to a world free of MS, funding cutting-edge research and providing programs and services that help people living with MS move their lives forward.

The best part: 100% of funds raised by MuckFest MS participants benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Will you make a donation in support of the National MS Society? Click here to donate: http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR/General/?fr_id=21240&pg=pfind Search for my name and click "Donate."

Thank you for your support. I will keep you posted on my fundraising progress.


Sample Thank You Message for Donors

Thank you so much for your donation to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in support of MuckFest® MS. Your donation supports vital programs and services to people in our community living with MS and cutting-edge MS research.

While we will have a blast at MuckFest MS, raising funds for the National MS Society is serious business. Your donation will be hard at work helping people in need and moving us closer to a world free of MS.

Thank you.



Follow-Up Message – Reminder About Donating

Just a quick note to follow up on my earlier email about donating to the National MS Society in support of MuckFest® MS.

There’s still time to help out, and I’m counting on your support. I’ve already made a personal donation because this is a cause I believe in.

If you have a moment and would like to donate to the National MS Society, click on this link: http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR/General/?fr_id=21240&pg=pfind

Thanks again and I’ll keep you posted on my MuckFest MS experience.



Sample Fundraising Email To Encourage Team Fundraising

Dear Fellow Muckers,

As a team, we’ve raised [$AMOUNT] as team so far.

Our goal is to raise [INSERT AMOUNT] before MuckFest® MS.

Here’s what you can do to help the team reach our goal:

--If you haven’t yet, make a personal donation. Click on the link below to donate: http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR/General/?fr_id=21240&pg=pfind

--Send fundraising emails. It’s the quickest and best way to fundraise fast.

--Ask for donations and invite more muckers to join our team.

--Follow up with the people who don’t respond to your fundraising emails.

--Send a thank you message to those who have made donations on your behalf.

Remember, our fundraising efforts benefit the National MS Society, which provides vital programs and services for people living with MS in our area and funds cutting-edge MS research. There are also some great team rewards we can earn between now and the MuckFest MS.

Thank you, in advance, for all your fundraising efforts on behalf of the National MS Society.



Top 5 Fundraising Excuses

Excuse #1: I don’t have time to fundraise. We’re all busy, but effective fundraising can be done quickly—we’re talking minutes here! All it takes is setting aside some time to do it. It’s as fast as sending one of our pre-written fundraising emails. See Fundraise Fast to get started.

Excuse #2: Everyone else fundraises, so I don’t have to. Boy, we wish that was true, but the truth is only 30% of people do 100% of the fundraising. That’s right, a very small number of people are doing ALL of the fundraising. So, yeah, we need everyone to step up and start fundraising.

Excuse #3: People only give if they like the cause. No, people give because you are doing the asking and it’s a great cause. You’ll see. Start by asking family and friends who know you and trust you. Early success with them will lead to confident fundraising among a wider circle of friends, family, coworkers, and even people you don’t know so well. Tip: Potential donors will be even more willing to give if you ask them to match or exceed your own personal donation—see how this works.

Excuse #4: I can’t fundraise because I don’t know anything about MS. Okay, but you don’t need to be an expert to fundraise. Spend a few minutes reading about it. Better yet, read about your fellow muckers ; their stories will give you the best idea of what this disease is all about and what this event means to people who rely on the National MS Society.

Excuse #5: I can’t afford to hire a blimp. Inflatable- and dirigible-based fundraising seemed like good ideas back in the 90s, but since then we’ve come up with better ways to fundraise. Scroll up and check out all our fundraising tools!