Group Ticket Packages

Buying a group ticket package is the most convenient way to get four or more people* registered for MuckFest® MS. No extra purchases for each person and people can register when they want to. It's perfect for family and friends, coworkers and colleagues, or your favorite clients!

*Minor policy: Runners must be over the age of 12 on the day of the event to participate and registered minors must be accompanied by an adult or designated adult participant. Please visit our Registration FAQ for more information about minors participating in MuckFest MS events.

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Available Ticket Packages

4 tickets
6 tickets - new
8 tickets
10 tickets
15 tickets
25 tickets
50 tickets
75 tickets
100 tickets


*Price includes processing fees for all tickets, but does not include any applicable sales tax. Please note there are a limited number of packages available at the $6,500 price.

Important: You cannot split the tickets between two or more MuckFest MS event cities; your group ticket purchase is for one MuckFest MS city only.

MuckFest MS Teams MuckFest MS Teams MuckFest MS Teams

PLEASE READ: Redeeming your tickets to register for the event

After you buy your group ticket package, you and your teammates must use the code in your confirmation email to redeem your registrations.

Buying the group ticket package does not automatically register you for the event. Each person will need to complete their event registration using your group package code.

In order to be assigned to the same wave time, you and your teammates must officially form a team for MuckFest MS. For more information on forming or joining a team, visit our FAQs.