TWIN CITIES The FUN Mud Run Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Thank you muckers, volunteers, and spectators for turning out to make the 2017 edition of MuckFest® MS Twin Cities an event to remember. Speaking of memorable moments, did anyone catch a glimpse of the dinosaurs running the course?

After a little foggy bid'ness in the morning, the day turned bright and sunny and frankly, muck-tacular. In the Muckin' Corral, Mud Master Al made sure everyone was pumped and well-marinated in the Minnesota mud.

Big props to the muckers who took on Slippy Sloppy, our newest obstacle. Your full-throated howls and laughter were the perfect prelude to some truly big-time water entries.

Muckers also made quite a splash at the Swing Set, where a sizeable pool of spectators cheered your cannon-balls, jack-knifes and assorted ludicrous leaps.

We heard that the view of the event site from Crash Landing moved many a mucker to compose beautiful ballads before taking a leap onto that big pad of glory.

Our sincere thanks go out to all of the muckers and volunteers who fundraised on behalf of the National MS Society, including the incredible top fundraising individuals and teams listed below.

Thanks to a stalwart crew of volunteer captains and volunteers who made this event a joy for everyone.

We'd also like to thank and recognize all the muckers, volunteers and spectators who traveled from all parts of Minnesota and neighboring states to take part in the event.

Shout out to all the muckers and guests who hung out afterward to make it a big party. And thanks once again to Scott County Fair for being a great event partner. We love getting mucky at the fair!

Thank You

National MS Society Thank You Message

Thank you for coming out and making MuckFest MS Twin Cities so memorable. We would like to thank all the runners, volunteers, spectators and staff who participated and supported each other this weekend. It is that spirit of support that inspires us to work hard every day of the year to support people living with multiple sclerosis.

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“Best course yet!”—Karen P., Twin Cities Mucker

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Photo Gallery

All of the awesome event photos, including the ones below, are available for you to download, print and share on social media! Saturday 8/19 Event Photos
MuckFest MS
MuckFest MS
MuckFest MS
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 MuckFest MS
MuckFest MS
MuckFest MS
MuckFest MS

Top Fundraising Individuals and Teams

Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to our Top Fundraising Individuals and Teams*. You are truly a great inspiration to us all, and your hard work fundraising individually and as teams is sincerely appreciated.
Individuals 1. Clyde Kringlen$5,220
2. Chrissy Tauber$4,230
3. Stacy Kringlen$3,025
4. Joe Vandermark$2,750
5. Carly Allen-Tice$2,671
Teams 1. The Mud Flaps$11,205
2. What the Muck 2017$10,860
3. Just MeSsin Around$6,945
4. Green Ninja Brigade$5,665
5. Team Travis$4,576

*Fundraising totals as of Tuesday, August 22. For current totals, visit the 2017 Leader Boards.


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National MuckFestival Sponsor Traveler Beer Co
Local Sponsors Acorda Sam's Club


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