Team Info for MuckFest MS

4.7 Things You Might Not Know About MuckFest MS Teams

1. Over 90% of runners are on teams.

2. You’ll enjoy the event more when you can share your experience with teammates.

3. MuckFest® MS Teams have the best team names, the best outfits, and the best stories to share after the event.

4. MuckFest MS Teams honor friends and family members living with MS and do the most to help the cause of ending MS.

4.7 MuckFest MS Teams are the smartest people in the galaxy; we proved this with mathematics and hand puppets.

MuckFest MS Teams

Team Tools

Team Poster – full-color, fillable poster to hang in your office, breakroom or at your next social gathering.

Team Captain Guide

Team Page – your team's fundraising "billboard" on the website. See who is on your team, who has donated to your team, and your team's overall fundraising progress. Team Captains can log into the Participant Center to edit the page. Add a customized message or photo. To see your Team Page, click here and enter your team name in the search box.

Team Calendar

Team Building Tracking

Team Fundraising Jumpstarters – tips and ideas to get your team fundraising started.

Digital Downloads

Sample Messages

Questions about teams? Check out our Team FAQs or contact us.


Starting a Team as a Team Captain
It only takes one person to start a team. When you register as a team captain, you get to claim your team name and manage your team’s very own fundraising webpage. Go to the registration page, find your event city and register, making sure to choose ‟Form a Team ” on the third registration screen.

Bonus Tip – Naming Your Team: MuckFest MS teams come up with the best names. You can honor a friend or relative or pick something delightfully dirty or curiously clever. We love “punny” names; you’d be surprised how many ways you can use “muck,” “mucker,” and “mud” in your team name.

Joining a Team as a Team Member

Once your Team Captain registers, find out the team name. You’ll enter this team name when you register. Make sure to choose “Join a Team” on the third registration screen, which is where you will enter the team name.

Invite People to Join My Team

Post a pre-written message to Facebook.

Ping your peeps on Twitter with this sample tweet.

Send a mucky eCard that will make your friends want to get in on the fun.

Download and print this eye-catching, head-turning, altogether muck-tacular Team Poster. Hang it in your office, break room or hand it out at your next party or social gathering.

Send or post a pre-written message to invite friends and family to join your team.

Fundraising as a Team

Team Captains: Download your Team Captain Guide for fundraising tips and tools.

Team Poster: Hang it in your office or at your next social gathering and it is guaranteed to get your fundraising conversation started.

Team Fundraising Jumpstarters: Tips and ideas to get your team fundraising started.

Send this pre-written message encouraging team fundraising efforts.

Questions about teams? Check out our Team FAQs or contact us.