Team Info for MuckFest MS

Hands down, the best way to experience the laugh riot of MuckFest® MS is with your very own team. When you are on a team you can

  • share the experience and have witnesses to prove you did it

  • support a team member, family member or friend with MS

  • celebrate your mucky exploits with your peeps

Find a MuckFest MS team to join in your area!

MuckFest MS

Need more reasons? Okay.

#1 It’s funner on a team. Yeah, we know it’s “more fun.” One of the “funnest” things to do is name your team—it can be something delightfully dirty or curiously clever or satisfyingly straightforward. Name it after your business or your aunt with the iridescent hair. It’s up to you. (Seriously, you’d be surprised how many ways you can use the words “mud,” “muck” and “mucker” in your team names. Oh, behave!)

#2 Unlike the tango or gin rummy, it only takes one person to start a MuckFest MS team. Whether it’s you, a friend, family member or even that mud-curious guy in the next cubicle, you only need one person to step up and start your MuckFest MS team. As we say, if you start it, they will come.

#3 Teams help. We can all use a little help, and MuckFest MS Teammates help each other with fundraising before the event and on the course in the muddy pits and on the muck-tacular obstacles.

#4 Oh, the rewards. As if being on a team isn’t reward enough, we have mucktacular team rewards and on-event surprises and fun competitions for teams. If you’re not on a team, you’re out of muck.

#5 Dressing up. We’re not fashionistas, we’re muck-a-nistas. MuckFest MS teams have the best and wackiest outfits, whether it’s something above or below the waist or on your face. Sorry Tim Gunn, but we really know how to “make it work."

Find a MuckFest MS team to join in your area!

More info and stuff for teams

MuckFest MS Team Captain Guide

From recruitment and fashion tips, to fundraising and preparing your team for the day of MuckFest MS, this handy Team Captain Guide has it all. Okay, maybe not “all,” but it’s got a lot. We also have Team Fundraising Jumpstarters and pre-written Team Captain messages to use for fundraising and team-building.

MuckFest MS Team Poster

Hang this awesome fundraising poster in your office or at any fundraising event, whether it’s a Mud-tini Tuesday at a local bar or a Muck-Bowling night. Pair it with the Team Sign-Up Sheet so your interested muck-mates can sign-up to join your team.

MuckFest MS Participant Center

Your team will have a fundraising page in the Participant Center. Team captains can add a photo or video, see the team roster and fundraising progress, set the team fundraising goal, and send email to current and prospective team members. Donors can donate to your team from this page as well.

MuckFest MS Team Rewards

Muck-tacular rewards for the Top Fundraising Teams and the Largest Teams!

MuckFest MS Calendar

This downloadable form allows you to customize your MuckFest MS calendar and fill in the important event deadlines, such as registration fee discount deadlines, team fundraising reminders or team fundraising events.

MuckFest MS Tracking Sheet

Not as creepy as it sounds, this tracking sheet helps you keep track of your team’s fundraising progress. You’ll have to provide your own gold stars.

About Wave / Start Times

We can't have too many people out on the course at once—it’s a safety issue—so participants are assigned a specific wave/start time. This makes it safe and more enjoyable for you and your team. We are unable to reserve wave/start times for individuals or teams—no exceptions. Two weeks before the event, we will manually assign specific wave/start times, doing everything possible to keep teams together and starting at the same time. We will notify all participants of their specific start times via email. Wave/start times will also be updated in your Participant Center. If you register after the two-week out assignments are made, your wave/start time assignment will be completed on Thursday, two days before the event. It’s best not to plan your day until you receive your wave assignment as start times can begin as late as mid to late afternoon. Again, we will make our best effort to include you with your other team members, but the best option is to register at least two weeks prior to the event. More questions? Take a spin through our FAQs.