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  • Big Balls
  • Tight Rope
  • MT. Muck-imanjaro
  • The spinner
  • Belly Crawl
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This is a Big Deal: $18,157,452 has been raised to date for the National MS Society.
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  • “Best mud run ever! The Mucking MSfits had a blast!”

    Sheli Bevill Godbold
    • Sheli Bevill Godbold
    • Houston Mucker
  • “Words can't explain how much fun I had.”

    Sheila Henry
    • Sheila Henry
    • San Francisco Mucker
  • “Thank you all for an awesome day! This was our first time, and everyone was so inviting and kind! And as a person living with MS, it was awfully nice to get a pat on the back and a 'you're doing great' as we went along! We'll definitely be seeing you again next year!”

    Heather Kragthorpe Briese
    • Heather Kragthorpe Briese
    • Twin Cities Mucker
  • “Yesterday at MuckFest MS was a blast! Thank you to everyone who came out to get mucky with us, and thank you to everyone who donated!”

    Jen Gerber
    • Jen Gerber
    • Los Angeles Mucker
  • “One of the best things I have ever experienced!”

    Molly Beth
    • Molly Beth
    • Chicago Mucker
  • “The best mud run I have ever done.”

    Beckie Warloe
    • Beckie Warloe
    • Detroit Mucker
  • “We had the best time! The obstacles were so much better this year! Loved all the extras and the upgrade to the kids Muck area. It was an awesome day!”

    Tricia Garcia
    • Tricia Garcia
    • San Francisco Mucker
  • “This is an absolute must if you haven't done it already, a fantastic time from start to finish.”

    Charlie Schill
    • Charlie Schill
    • Philadelphia Mucker
  • “I signed up for MuckFest MS determined to do it. It was a great experience! We'll be back next year!”

    Carolyn Hachmeyer
    • Carolyn Hachmeyer
    • New Jersey Mucker
  • “We had SO much fun, thank you for an amazing course and all that lovely mud.”

    Kari Gansch
    • Kari Gansch
    • Twin Cities Mucker
  • “We powered through the obstacles, swam through the muck and had an absolute blast! Having fun for an amazing cause has never hurt so good! Thanks for the memories MuckFest MS!”

    Team Mucky Doves
    • Team Mucky Doves
    • Chicago Muckers
  • “We had a blast! We will definitely be back next year with a lot more people on our team. Thanks for doing such a great job.”

    Sarah Hulwick
    • Sarah Hulwick
    • Detroit Mucker
  • “Such an amazing day!”

    Claudine Stering
    • Claudine Stering
    • Los Angeles Mucker
  • “Such a fun event for a great cause!”

    Katherine Crowley
    • Katherine Crowley
    • Houston Mucker
  • “This year's MuckFest MS was so amazing! Thank you so much for all of the support!”

    Michael Pierce
    • Michael Pierce
    • Denver Mucker
  • “Awesome! I participated today as an MS Warrior, and I was truly touched by the awareness and amount of people supporting this great cause! Thank you for helping us get a little closer to a cure! #IMuckWithMS #MSWarrior”

    Tammy Duke
    • Tammy Duke
    • Chicago Mucker
  • “Very nicely done. This event was well laid out and the obstacles were great! We had a wonderful time and I will definitely do it again next year!”

    Konni Keane Stalica
    • Konni Keane Stalica
    • San Francisco Mucker
  • “Thank you! We had so much fun! Can't wait for the next one! ”

    Amy Boudreau-Gencarelli
    • Amy Boudreau-Gencarelli
    • Detroit Mucker
  • “Diagnosed 1 year ago. Great to see everyone come together for such a great cause. The energy at this event was incredible, can’t wait to be back next year!”

    Kristin Frazier
    • Kristin Frazier
    • Boston Mucker
  • “Cheers to an awesome day for an awesome cause!”

    Lauren Weekley
    • Lauren Weekley
    • Detroit Mucker
  • “Great course again this year!! Thanks for the fun and memories!”

    Ellen Beitzinger
    • Ellen Beitzinger
    • Twin Cities Mucker
  • “Little muckers and big muckers agree: MuckFest MS is F-U-N FUN!”

    Robin Martin
    • Robin Martin
    • Denver Mucker
  • “What an amazing day! Best volunteer work I've ever done! Thank you to everyone who showed up and got dirty!”

    Debi King Adams
    • Debi King Adams
    • St. Louis Mucker
  • “So much fun! Met great people and got filthy for a good cause!”

    Allison Cole Neilan
    • Allison Cole Neilan
    • New Jersey Mucker
  • “Had an AMAZING time. Can't wait to do it again!”

    Travis Ludeke
    • Travis Ludeke
    • Houston Mucker
  • “Just want to say THANK YOU! We had a BLAST today and this year's course ROCKED!”


    • Lisa Mattingly
    • St. Louis Mucker
  • “We will definitely be back next year, in bigger numbers and with a bigger group donation!”

    Thomas Illick from Santa Cruz Fit Body Boot Camp
    • Thomas Illick from Santa Cruz Fit Body Boot Camp
    • San Francisco Mucker
  • “It was an amazing experience! We had a great time!”

    Karen Paulsson Bieri
    • Karen Paulsson Bieri
    • New Jersey Mucker
  • “Thank you to everyone who made this happen again this year. We had a great time. MS didn't win today, we did!”

    Tanya Engelking Zukauskas
    • Tanya Engelking Zukauskas
    • Chicago Mucker
  • “What a blast! Can't wait until next year!”

    Dean Woehrle
    • Dean Woehrle
    • St. Louis Mucker
  • “What an EPIC time at the MuckFest MS. Thanks to everyone that came and supported such a great cause. Had a blast!”

    Johnny G. Essel
    • Johnny G. Essel
    • Philadelphia Mucker
  • “Thanks MuckFest MS, National MS Society, and all the volunteers! I was diagnosed in December, so this was my first one and it was amazing!”

    Andrea Wood
    • Andrea Wood
    • Philadelphia Mucker
  • “We all had a BLAST! Can't wait for next year! We will be back with a BIGGER Crew! Thanks Guys for a great event!”

    Robert Bobik Jr.
    • Robert Bobik Jr.
    • New Jersey Mucker
  • “A mucking good time at MuckFest MS this morning!”

    Sam Nastasia
    • Sam Nastasia
    • Boston Mucker
  • “Great time! MuckFest MS 2016 can't come quick enough!”

    Anne Merkle
    • Anne Merkle
    • St. Louis Mucker
  • “Awesome day getting dirty!”

    Bill Salas
    • Bill Salas
    • Los Angeles Mucker
  • “Had an amazing time Saturday running MuckFest MS! So much fun! Can't wait until next year!”

    Beth Timmons Coblentz
    • Beth Timmons Coblentz
    • Philadelphia Mucker
  • “We had a blast! Laughed so much throughout; I waited a whole year for this past weekend but it was worth it.”

    Jose Oliveros
    • Jose Oliveros
    • Los Angeles Mucker
  • “Great run today! Thanks to you and all of the volunteers that make it happen!”

    N. Harrison Ripps
    • N. Harrison Ripps
    • Boston Mucker
  • “Had a blast yesterday at the Twin Cities event! Emcee Al was a hoot!”

    Jen Tabroxen
    • Jen Tabroxen
    • Twin Cities Mucker
  • “Westside Muddtha Muckers loved every minute of it. Can't wait till 2016!”

    John West
    • John West
    • Boston Mucker
  • “Had a fun time at MuckFest MS 2015”

    Lynsey McCurdy
    • Lynsey McCurdy
    • Denver Mucker
  • “Good times, good people, great cause! Will be back next year!”

    Jeff Walston
    • Jeff Walston
    • Houston Mucker
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My mom never let MS stand in her way and taught me to let nothing stand in mine.”

—Michael F.
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