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Dr. Alexander Ng


Dr. Ng
Dr. Ng

Alexander Ng, PhD, is taking a unique approach to studying fatigue, a symptom that occurs in about 80% of people with MS. "Recently, scientists have suggested that changes in blood pressure and heart rate regulation in people with MS may contribute to fatigue," says Dr. Ng. "We are investigating this possibility."

Dr. Ng notes that people with and without MS throughout Wisconsin have volunteered for these studies at Marquette University in Milwaukee, undergoing tests such as the "tilt table test"—lying on a table and being tilted to an upright position.

"During the tilt table test, abnormal results appeared to be only observed in participants with MS who reported the greatest amount of fatigue," says Dr. Ng. "Also, during lower leg exercises, there may be less of an increase in blood to the exercising muscle in persons with MS compared to controls who did not have MS."

Dr. Ng's team is now using imaging technology that can detect chemicals related to energy production, in order to further examine the relationship between cardiovascular function and fatigue in people with MS. "We hope that our continuing studies will provide further information on what causes fatigue in MS," he says. "Only when we fully understand the mechanisms of fatigue in MS can we develop or evaluate appropriate therapies."

  Last update July 17, 2007  
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