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Funding Programs

Web-Based Proposal Submission

The Society has converted to a Web-based Apply Online facility for the submission of applications to several of its funding programs. The Apply Online facility provides a convenient, interactive approach to proposal preparation and submission. This new facility can be accessed through the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Web site using a standard Web browser and following the instructions below.

All applicants for the programs listed below are required to use the Apply Online facility for the completion of their proposals.

Application Procedure

Before submitting a proposal, the applicant must consult the Research and Clinical Programs Department by letter or telephone to determine whether the proposal is appropriate and relevant to the mission of the Society.

If the proposal is determined to be appropriate and relevant to the mission of the Society, the applicant will be given a password and invitation code that allows access to the Apply Online facility.

Applicants who have been cleared to submit a proposal and have been given a password and invitation code can click on the following links to access the correct page in our Apply Online facility.

Research Grants

Postdoctoral Fellowships

·          Postdoctoral Fellowship Letter of Reference

Mentor-Based Postdoctoral Fellowship In Rehabilitation Research

Sylvia Lawry Physician Fellowships

·          Sylvia Lawry Physician Fellowship Letter of References

NMSS-AAN MS Clinician Scientist Development Award

·          NMSS-AAN MS Clinician Scientist Development Award Letter of Reference

Career Transition Fellowships:

·          Transition Fellowship Preliminary Application

·          Transition Fellowship Letter of Reference

Harry Weaver Neuroscience Scholar Awards

Daniel Haughton Senior Faculty Award

Health Care Delivery and Policy Research Contracts

The Apply Online site is best viewed using Internet Explorer.

Contact Information
To obtain the necessary clearance and credentials to begin the preparation of an application, contact one of the staff members listed below.

Research Grants and Training Programs

Patricia O’Looney, PhD
Vice President of Biomedical Research
(212) 476-0413

Research Grants in Patient Management, Care, and Rehabilitation Health Care Delivery and Policy Research Contracts

Nicholas G. LaRocca, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, Health Care Delivery and Policy Research
(212) 476-0414

Fellowship and Faculty Awards

Jennifer Stark, Ph.D.
Director of Research Training Programs
(212) 476-0462


Last updated February 17, 2008






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