MuckRuckus MS Carolinas Divisions

Participants can go for the gold as part of  the Crazed Competitor (Competitive Division) or just have some good old mucky fun with family and friends in the Mere Mortal (Recreational Division).

The Mere Mortal division is essentially a fun run in which participants can go at their own pace. Enter as an individual or as a team in the recreational division. Feel free to wear anything you want, costumes are encouraged. You can also run with as many people on your team as you like, take your time and have fun all along the way. People in the recreational division are free to go around any obstacle they are not comfortable trying to complete.

The Crazed Competitor Division, on the other hand, is for competitive participants who are looking to win. To participate in this division there are rules that all individuals and teams must follow to qualify to win.

  Competitive Division Non-Competitive Division
Course 5 mile muddy challenge course. You must give each challenge three attempts; after that you may continue the race. 2 course options -- 5 miles, or 5k (3.1 miles). You must attempt each challenge once; after that you may continue the race.
Required Attire Long pants (tights are not acceptable), boots covering the ankle and time chip required. Any lost time chip results in disqualification.  Long pants recommended but not required; tennis shoes okay.
Prizes Awarded Prizes awarded for the top three times in men's individual, women's individual, men's team, women's team and coed team categories. All participants get T-shirts.  All participants get T-shirts.
Team Requirements Teams must have five members. Your official time will only be counted if you cross the finish line together.  Teams can have as few or as many members as desired. The more the merrier!
Fundraising Requirements  $100  $100