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Mucky General Information

Who can participate in MuckRuckus MS?
Anyone who loves to get dirty and is over the age of 12 on the day of the event. This 5 mile (with a short cut option) challenge course is demanding and participants are encouraged to train for the event.

Where is MuckRuckus MS located?
The event is located at South Mountain Reservation – West Orange, NJ.

Is there a Kids Run this year?
There will not be a kids run in 2012. However, there will be a play area for children aged 5 -12 so they can get mucky as well. There is also the South Mountain Recreation Complex and Turtle Back Zoo nearby.

What do I do when I arrive on the day of MuckRuckus MS?

Check your keys and/or ID. Stretch out and prepare for the most challenging fun you've ever had. Securely attach your timing chip to your shoe.

Can my friends come to watch?
Absolutely! We will have viewing areas for them at the best obstacles, as well as vendors on site for food, drink, and other merchandise.

How do I get clean after the run?
The fire department will be on site to hose you down after the run, however you will want to bring a few towels and a change of clothes for the after-party and ride home.

Will there be food available?
Runners will get snacks and beverages prior to the event and lunch and a drink after the run at McCloone's Boathouse. Spectators are also welcome at McCloone's and can purchase lunch there.

What time does the run start?
The first wave will begin on Saturday, August 18th at 9:00am. Waves are in 30 minute increments. Please run in the wave time you choose during registration.

I’m not a runner, but want to be involved! Are there options for me?
Absolutely! There are several ways to get involved through volunteerism. Please visit the volunteer page or contact, Katelyn DeGennaro, at 201-967-5599 x43202 or Katelyn.DeGennaro@nmss.org 

How long will the course remain open?
The course will be open until the last runner is across the finish line.

Are walkers welcome?
Walkers are welcome for the recreation division. Walkers and runners following a run/walk method are welcome on the course. We encourage competitive division participants to run the entire course. If you are unable to run, this is fine, just be aware of the runners around you.

I have a family member who wants to run across the finish line with me, but is not registered. Is this allowed?
No. Only officially registered participants, volunteers and run officials are allowed on the course. If you do not have a run number, volunteer t-shirt or run official credentials you will be asked to leave the course. There will be plenty of spectator viewing areas for you to cheer on your family and friends.

I have questions that are not located on this site. Who should I contact?
You may contact the EVP of Development, Karen Drzik, at 201-967-5599 x44316 or karen.drzik@nmss.org


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Mucky Registration Information

How do I register?
Register online.

How much is it to run in MuckRuckus MS?
To Register:
$75 Now – August 11th
$85 August 11th on

**In addition, each participant is required to fundraise a minimum of $100 to run in the event. All proceeds benefit the National MS Society.**

Will I be able to register the day of the run, and will there be a cap on registrations?
Day of run registration is available. Runners may register online through Thursday, August 16th, at 11:59 PM EST, or at day-of event check-in ($85). There is no cap on registration, but each wave is capped at 350 runners.

How do I know if I am registered?
You will receive an e-mail confirming your run registration. We do not send separate confirmation cards.

I am unable to confirm my registration or my registration confirmation contains an error. What should I do?
You may contact the EVP of Development, Karen Drzik, at 201-967-5599 x44316 or karen.drzik@nmss.org

When and where do I pick-up my run packet?
You can pick-up your packet on the day of the event. Please arrive 1 hour before your wave time. 

I am not able to make it to Run Packet Pick-up. What do I do?
You may have another person (family member or friend) pick up your run packet for you. The person picking up your run packet will need the following:

  • A copy of the participant’s photo ID or driver's license.
  • An  event waiver signed by the participant. ** Must match the photo ID signature.
  • The $100 fundraising minimum must be met by day-of packet pick-up, or paid in full at packet pick-up.

I am injured, pregnant, or no longer able to attend the run. Can I get a refund?
Registration fees are non-refundable. But feel good that 100% of run proceeds go towards cutting edge MS research, and programs and services to people affected by multiple sclerosis.

Can I defer my registration to next year?
No. Entry deferments are not permitted.

Can I give/sell my registration to another person?
No. Registration is non-transferable from one person to another.

Can I change my run registration to another wave?
Yes, email your request to the EVP of Development, Karen Drzik, at 201-967-5599 x44316 or karen.drzik@nmss.org

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Mucky Online Fundraising

How can I visit my page?
Visit www.MuckRuckusMS.org/Northeast and click on ‘My Account’, enter your username and the password you set up during registration.

My page isn't working, how can I get help?
Contact the Director of Teams and Corporate Development, Alexis Stone, at 201-967-5599 x43213 or alexis.stone@nmss.org.  Our team will help troubleshoot the problem.

Where can I enter cash or check donations I've received?
Mail all offline donations to the National MS Society, 1 Kalisa Way, Suite 205; Paramus, NJ 07652. Our staff will validate the offline donation and the value will credit to your fundraising account.

What is the fundraising deadline to be eligible for fundraising incentives?
Fundraisers who reach fundraising levels by the event day will be eligible for fantastic fundraising prizes. Fundraising incentives will be available at packet pick-up and on the day of the event. Our fundraising campaign will continue until September 18th, 2012. Click here for some fundraising tips.

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The Mucky Run

Will you cap registrations?
No, we will not cap registrations. However, each wave will accommodate 350 participants. If a wave exceeds this amount, we will close the wave and offer additional waves.

How many people are in a team?
For the recreation division a team can be a minimum of 2 participants. There is no maximum amount of team members.  

How do I register a team?
Team Captains may register online. Other team members may register after the Team Captain has registered. For more information on teams contact the Director of Teams and Corporate Development, Alexis Stone, at 201-967-5599 x43213 or alexis.stone@nmss.org.  

How will our team receive an official time?
Each competitive team will be timed as a team. A timing chip will be given at Check-in. Your official time will only be counted if you cross the finish line together.

Can I add someone to my team if one drops out?
Contact the Director of Teams and Corporate Development, Alexis Stone, at 201-967-5599 x43213 or alexis.stone@nmss.org.

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Mucky Volunteering

I want to volunteer! Who do I contact?
Volunteer registration for the 2012 run is open! Register here or contact Katelyn DeGennaro, at 201-967-5599 x43202 or Katelyn.DeGennaro@nmss.org

What happens after I sign up online to be a volunteer?
You will receive an email confirmation. Information and instructions will be sent in a timely manner prior to event with more information.

What if I sign up to volunteer, but am not able to participate?
Contact Katelyn DeGennaro, at 201-967-5599 x43202 or Katelyn.DeGennaro@nmss.org.

What if I cannot work the whole shift?
Once you sign up, we count on you for the full shift. We cannot replace you if you leave early. Sometimes the shift may seem over-staffed and slow, but often we are preparing for a rush or working around parking. We count on each volunteer for help at the busy end of the shift.

Can I split the shift with a friend?
No. Shift times are typically 5 hours. We often have 200 volunteers scattered along the course… switching midway through a shift is difficult for the majority of our shifts. That is why it is crucial that volunteers remain for the full length of the shift. We cannot replace you.

I did not receive my run crew information email.
An email will be sent in a timely manner prior to the event with more information. If it is less than a week to the run and you still have not received an email, please contact Katelyn DeGennaro, at 201-967-5599 x43202 or Katelyn.DeGennaro@nmss.org

Are meals provided?
Lunch will be provided to all volunteers. While we discourage carrying items that can be lost, you will always have a corner or table you can tuck a bag with snacks and other items that you may need such as jacket, sunscreen etc.

How should I dress?
Wear comfortable shoes, layers for cool to hot temperatures and clothes that are comfortable. You will receive a volunteer t-shirt that identifies you as an event volunteer.

What should I bring with me?
As little as possible, there is no storage so you will have to carry any items you bring with you. Almost all areas will have a corner where everyone can set their jacket or snacks but it will not be secure.

Can children volunteer?
The official age for a child to volunteer is 13 and for obstacle volunteers is 18. With supervision, adults may bring their younger children. We are concerned about safety and the ability to stay focused on a job for the time involved. We have many places that are good for children as long as the ratio of adults to children is adequate and the children are old enough to work the entire shift. Direct any questions on this issue to Katelyn DeGennaro, at 201-967-5599 x43202 or Katelyn.DeGennaro@nmss.org

What if I am unable to stand for long periods of time?
The event requires numerous volunteers in the Check-in area on Friday and Saturday. Seated positions are available there. The customer service booth is also available.

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