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Bike MS: Waves to Wine Ride 2017

Team Menstrual Cycles

Nine years ago we started a cycling team to ride Waves to Wine so that we could raise money for MS research. The original group included many gynecologists (myself included) so we named ourselves Team Menstrual Cycles. The team has grown dramatically, and now each year more than 60 incredible people ride each year. We have four team members who have MS (Kate Aks, Laura Pliska, Monica Rocha, and my husband Michael Richards) and many with other personal connections to MS, and we are all committed to raising money for MS research.

To learn more about the team read this article.

Please support our team in our fundraising for research to support MS! In eight years we have raised $866,645.29. This year our goal is $133,355 so we need your help!

Please consider supporting our team by donating to any of us or by riding with us. And even if you can't ride this year, ride with us next year - our tenth ride!

Jody, Captain

The Best Team. Period.

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Progress: 113.0268%

Goal $100,000.00 Achieved $113,026.77

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