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Bike MS: Bay to Bay 2017

The Gang in 2016
The Gang in 2016

Mitsubishi Motors


Different people will see the same subject in a different light. Many people say that the roadmap to the future is best left in the hands of others. Many people believe that a meaningful endeavor is unreal. That change is not practical, is a chance at best or is to high of risk. Many people do not understand or claim that they don’t that success and happiness is not solely in the sum of power, position, conquest or possessions.

These views are not those of a caring, understanding, benevolent, enlighten, progressive society. To truly live in the world we must always try to see the world as it is. We should always drive to understand, to be open and be ready to listen. We always should question and debate. We must always speak from the heart. We should always drive to use our talents to the best of our abilities. We should always strive to be ready to listen, to be open. We should never fear the consequences of these actions.

Let us consider some of our most basic common personal attributes for a moment. We all seek meaning, not to just survive. We all seek the best from our life for ourselves, for our families and for those closest to us. Quality and spirit of life justify and support all of our efforts. We all have performed an act of kindness or healed a wound. It is our nature to want to build and create something beautiful. Vitality, passion, will and determination are parts of who we are. Compassion, Love, Trust, Faith and Honor is the framework that drive us. These are elements that have built the true sum of our souls.

Many years ago our team accepted a call to action to from the MS Society to help make the world free of MS. We became part of Bike MS because some of us have a direct connection with MS but all feel strongly about what we are doing and are passionate about supporting the MS Society. Through the years we have seen many advances in MS Research, treatment and assistance to families affected by this disease. We have learned and tried to be strong advocates for the MS community. And we have engaged others to join the MS Movement.

It may always seem simple, not always easy. But humanities reason and spirit have often solved the seemingly unsolvable. The engine is a desire to be empowered and fulfilled. The motivation is to achieve, a pride in the task and the peaceful joy of discovery while pushing oneself. We are not discussing an absolute, infinite concept. Not of a dramatic change in the way you live or in your belief. It requires concrete motion and practical application. It is a day to day conviction to do what we can. To do what is right.

What does this mean to you? Action from the heart is a force stronger than the physical monuments we have built for ourselves and to our society. These actions mold the present, shape the future and last forever. By taking action you fuel others to move closer together, ignite ideas and spark change.
This is not a finish, but it is a start. It starts right now. Please join the movement to make the world free of MS. Join our team or make a donation. Should we let this dream slip away; we will never truly understand it's promise of peace. Together we are stronger.

This year's ride is dedicated to: Frank Austin- Champion (of MS), Bob Dew, Anette Hogan, Kelly Clark, Starr Velez, Barbara Ferrante, Iginia Felix, Krista Anderson, Matt Bolcer, Diane Foti, Karen Patterson, Amy Courington, Maria Orozco, Dominick Codispodo, Richard Hausman, Joanna Bremner, Stephanie Cole, Donald Songster, Maria Elena Ortega Pew, Yvonne Cofer, Joe Chochrek, Maggie Finn, Yaz Taley, Kim Boileau, Dorthy Witzke and Donna Harrington.


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Goal $56,000.00 Achieved $71,632.00

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