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Bike MS: Colorado 2017 powered locally by Anthem

Patty's Pack 2016
Patty's Pack 2016

Patty's Pack


I was five years old when Mom was diagnosed with MS.  At the time little was known about the disease, its treatment, or its lasting effects.  After nearly two years of misdiagnosis, Mom came home and flipped open our medical encyclopedia on the kitchen table.  She scribbled some notes and called her doctor the next morning – her symptoms were spot-on MS.


When Mom died in 2007, having lost the battle of the disease that slowly took her from us, people from around the globe came out of the woodwork to express stories of strength, perseverance, faith, love – and downright hilarity.  When I think of her, I think about what she did for the disease, not what the disease did to her.  She really lived despite her challenges – and in doing so, taught us to live, too.


In memory of Patty’s strength and passion for athletics, Patty’s Pack bike team was formed.  With 5 of Patty’s family members and one friend, Patty’s Pack began.  Our mission was simple, ride in Patty’s memory and eradicate the world of MS. Our bike team rides 150 miles over 2 days with 3000 other riders through the hills of Colorado to raise as much money as possible for the MS Society.  The six of us raised over $5000 dollars in 2007, and our team has since grown to over 60 riders.  In total, Patty’s Pack has raised a little over $390,000.00!!   In 2017 we hope to beat our goal of $70,000.00.   


Please join Patty’s Pack for the 2017 150 mile ride.  We will welcome you as family, the way Patty would have, with love, grace, and laughter.  My mom cannot thank you, but as a daughter, teammate, rider, contributor, I can, and my teammates can.  Let’s end the suffering today for the millions of people courageously fighting for a world free of MS.


Thank you to our past and present contributors, without you, none of this is possible.


~Hannah Long, daughter to Patty and Patty’s Pack Team Captain




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Progress: 59.24%

Goal $75,000.00 Achieved $44,430.00

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