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Bike MS: The Citrus Tour 2014

Suncoast Cycling / Chainwheel Drive

Help Our Team in the Fight Against MS!


Suncoast Cycling is one of the premier cycling clubs in the State of Florida. Based in Palm Harbor, we are a group of dedicated and fun loving cyclists who strive to hone their cycling skills and introduce others to the sport of cycling. Whether you're a recreational rider, a racer, or somewhere in between, there's a place on our team for everyone.


In 2009 our major bike shop sponsor,Chainwheel Drive, added their clout to our team. With two locations, Clearwater and Palm Harbor, and a team of employees dedicated to making cycling the best experience it can be it was a great match. Now in our 5th year of collaberation we're going as strong as ever. The team now sports complete coordinated kits. Join early to be in on the 2014 order.


2014 is Team Captain Tim's 20th Bike MS. Join the team and help Tim celebrate this milestone. Let's help crush this disease together.


Join our team as a cyclist or a volunteer! Make a donation online! Send in a check! Talk to your employer about becoming a sponsor of Bike MS: The Citrus Tour 2013! There are so many ways to make a difference in the fight against MS, and it all begins right here.




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Club website:  Suncoast Cycling Club


Chainwheel Drive  Chainwheel Drive Bike Shops



Suncoast Cycling / Chainwheel Drive - Join Team Raised
T.J. Hunt $0.00
I Donated Steve Beer $310.00
Vivian Benci $250.00
I Donated Bruce Brandstatter $250.00
I Donated Lisa Brown $265.00
I Donated Ashton Creasy $450.00
Barbara Dean $870.00
Justin Dean $250.00
VIB I Donated Michael Dean $1,000.00
I Donated Donna Diliberto $255.00
Tom Ferraro $250.00
I Donated Anne Graff $282.00
I Donated Donald Hall $785.00
David Haslem $400.00
Neil Haslem $685.00
VIB Ruth Holmberg $1,095.00
Saul Lerner $250.00
I Donated Andrew Madeloni $35.00
Christopher Marrazzo $280.00
VIB I Donated Candia Mulhern $1,368.00
Henry Nelson $570.00
VIB I Donated Brian Peckham $1,185.00
I Donated Joy Peckham $365.00
VIB I Donated Laurie Pelletier $1,365.00
I Donated Susan Pelz $465.00
VIB Nancy Raimo $1,155.00
VIB I Donated Dan Rupp $2,130.00
VIB I Donated Marilyn Rupp $2,035.00
I Donated Daniel Saunders $250.00
I Donated Jeremy T Simons $280.00
I Donated Christine Tabor $670.00
Jen Turner $265.00
VIB I Donated Stanley Urquhart $2,305.00
Team Gifts $0.00
Denotes a Team Captain

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