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Bike MS: Gateway Getaway Ride 2017


This is the Boeing MS Bike Team!

This is why we Ride!

“The MS Bike Ride is well organized and offers an additional chance to keep in shape.  The ride itself is well supported and traverses a scenic countryside.  Scheduled in early September, it, most often, evades the blistering heat of July and August.”

“My husband has participated in the MS Bike Ride for several years. He started because he likes to ride. Since then we have learned of friends & church members with MS. This year our two children and I will ride for the first time to make it a family event.”

“My husband and I have an on-going commitment to people with disabilities. From our work with Support Dogs (and all the friends we’ve made there), to our travels in South Africa, to the therapy work with our dog Jody, to the accessible addition on our home, we’ve tried to be conscious of the impact of disability for an individual and for our society as a whole. Seven of my friends live with MS. Their symptoms vary: most have lost mobility, one lost her voice, one is seeing the cognitive dimension, and others are asymptomatic. Every one of my training rides is dedicated to one of these 7 friends. Those images get me up lots of hills.”

“My wife has MS.  It's a great cause that's doing great things for people with MS.”

“In short it's a worthy cause that motivates me to exercise and socialize. I know a few people with MS, the challenge of the ride is motivation to get and keep in shape and I like riding with the Boeing group.”

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