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Bike MS: New York City 2013

Dianna Fiore Radoslovich

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can provide 150 hours of homecare assistance to individuals living with MS.
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Mrs. Dianna Fiore Fiore Radoslovich

12 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $25,000.00
Achieved: $2,900.00

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(Some Examples of How Your Donations Are Used)




  • Sends one (1) person to the National MS Society's Newly Diagnosed Orientation conducted by Chapter Staff & a Registered Nurse specializing in MS



  • Gives one (1) person up to eight (8) hours of Adapted Yoga, Tai Chi or Aquatics Instruction




  • Pays for Bathroom Safety Grab Bars or Incontinence Supplies for one (1) whole month


  • Sends a month "MS Mailbag" to one (1) Self-Help group for one (1) whole year




  • Covers the co-pay of a Walker for someone living with MS that has difficulty walking


  • Buys four (4) new Lending Library books to those affected by MS




  • Purchases materials for Employer Disability Awareness Days.




  • Pays for two (2) Physical Therapy Home Visits.


  • Provides three (3) sessions of Rehabilitation Therapy.



  • Trains a Peer Support Volunteer to provide emotional support & resources.




  • Provides seven (7) sessions of Case Management Services.


  • Provides Couples Counseling sessions for one (1) month for a couple struggling with the effects of MS.


  • Provides Emergency Funds for families living with MS to help with basic needs including food, rent, mortgage, etc.



  • Videotapes a Symptom Management Workshop for the National MS Society's Library




  • Produces an On-Site Education Program for People with MS & their Family members



  • Covers the co-pay of one (1) Electric Scooter for a MS patient.


  • Brings children (ages 8-13 yrs old) who have a parent with MS for a day of fun & information through the National MS Society's "Time Out for Kids" program.


  • Provides Weekly Adaptive Tennis Lessons for as many as seven (7) people living with MS



  • Pays for seven (7) Counseling Sessions with a Licensed Therapist for a as many as ten (10) people living with MS



  • Provides Neurologists with Continuing Education so they can have a better understanding of the new developments in diagnosing & treating MS.


  • Funds ten (10) Counseling Sessions with a Licensed Therapist for one (1) person living with MS



  • Presents a Self-Advocacy Skills Workshop on Health Care Rights for as many as seventy-five (75) attendees



  • Allows up to two hundred & fifty (250) people in the NYC area Access to an Expert on MS through the NMSS' Telephone Workshop Series.



  • Creates a Memorial Scholarship to help a student, who has MS or has a parent with MS, attend college
  • Gives up to eighty-five (85) people with MS & family members a Dream Vacation (i.e. white water rafting) - all ability levels are accommodated.



  • Covers travel and lodging for up to fifteen (15) top MS Activists to attend the Annual Statewide Public Policy Conference to advocate for the health care interests of those affected with MS.




  • Funds Exercise Classes for up to twenty-five (25) people with MS for one (1) whole year.


  • Funds & installs an ADA Wheelchair Ramp in a MS patient's home.




  • Funds the printing of one (1) issue of MS Connection Newsletter, which is sent to over 22,000 people.




  • Provides Case Management* for up to ten (10) families with MS.

* Case Managers can educate patients with regard to symptom management, relapse prevention, and the importance of treatment adherence.2 Case managers also play an essential role as health care coordinators, ensuring that patients receive the comprehensive, multidisciplinary care that is required to improve outcomes.  The case manager can help develop an individualized plan of care in which symptom management, social support, and containment of costs are all addressed.2 As patient advocates, case managers can assist patients in getting the appropriate treatments to help improve their quality of life and reduce costs for all stakeholders.   

The increased complexity in the management of care for MS patients, in addition to barriers of treatment adherence, makes it necessary for the case manager to be interactively involved in all aspects of patient care. Case managers play a crucial role in improving patient outcomes by integrating the multidisciplinary team and promoting evidence-based decision making that incorporates the patient’s needs and wishes.  




  • Installs a Stair Glide  / Lift  enabling a person with MS to sleep in their own bedroom with their spouse.





  • Funds Respite Care* for up to forty (40) families. 

*Respite Care is a program designed to improve the quality of life for people with multiple sclerosis and their caregivers. The program provides short-term non-medicated home health care services for individuals with multiple sclerosis who require care and/or supervision. The primary goal of our Respite Care Program is to allow the caregiver a break from daily responsibilities.





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