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Bike MS: New York City 2017

Geared Up


~~~  ABOUT OUR TEAM  ~~~

Welcome to the Geared Up team fundraising website! We are exciting to be once again taking part in the Bike MS event and raising money for such a great cause. 

Everyone on our team has either been touched by MS personally or has friends, family members, or coworkers that have been battling with MS. We believe in this cause and we hope that we can count on your support to help us BEAT MS!


1) Ride with our team! Click on the "Join Our Team" link at the top left of your screen and sign up as a Cyclist. You don't need to choose your cycling course length until the day of the ride, so no pressure...

2) Click on the "Donate to Team Member" and help one of our many amazing and dedicated team members reach their personal fundraising goals!

3) Read up on MS and raise your awareness regarding this disease.

The events are intended for beginners and amateurs. Many of our new team members have never done anything like this before - some didn't even own a bike. And our team stays in groups, so nobody is riding alone or left behind. We ride for fun and fundraising - so don't worry about speed. 

The rest stops are plentiful and we have the absolute BEST PIT CREW! Yup, we have friends and family that track our progress over the entire course and meet us between the planned rest stops for moral support, snacks, drink refills, you name it! 

Thank you,

-Team Geared Up!


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Progress: 90.96%

Goal $10,000.00 Achieved $9,096.00

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