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Never Stop, Never Quit - THIS IS WHY WE RIDE!

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Brie and Kevin have consolidated their fundraising under their daughter, Eleanor!


Never Stop...
Never Quit...


It happened... we have run through our options. 


Since Kevin was diagnosed in 1999, he has had access to disease modifying drugs.  He spent the first twelve years on one drug and that kept things at bay until his body stopped responding to it and it caused more problems than it solved.  He got through three months on the second drug before his body rejected it.  The next one got him through ten months before  an infection raged his brain and spinal cord.  Lastly, he went on one drug that his body happily accepted, but it did nothing to stem the progression of his MS.  His condition is now classified as Secondary Progressive MS; the disease will begin to progress more steadily without any specific noted relapses, just a continual decline.  There are currently no approved treatments available, so he is participating in a 2-year clinical trial that will look to stem the progression.


But we have this option, and more will come.  And we have options because of research funded, in part, by your donations to the National MS Society.


Fighting back is the only option.  Between 1999 and 2013, we were able to build upon the research efforts funded by those before us to enable to have a good quality of life.  It is that research – funded by your donations – that gave him the ability to climb Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier, run a 10K in the mud with his wife and to hike Angel’s rest with a toddler on his back.


His good run with these drugs came to an end last fall.  He now uses a cane to walk any distance, relies on multiple medications to keep up with daily life and, at times, his speech is so slurred that many cannot understand him.


Becoming a research subject.   Please help fund more research like this with a donation to the National MS Society as part of our annual Bike MS fundraising efforts. 


The FDA had not approved any more drugs that may help.  And so we turned to the research community and Kevin turned his body over to science.  Since January, he has been participating in a clinical trial.  We don’t know if its working, heck we don’t even know if he’s getting the active drug or just a placebo.  We’re fortunate that it’s led by one of the world’s pre-eminent MS clinicians (who calls Providence Health his home) and that he’s getting great care but… it’s experimental.  Even if he is getting the actual drug, it may not be doing any good.  But it’s the only option we have. 


And the reason that we have this option is because of people like you.  Please help fund more research like this with a donation to the National MS Society as part of our annual Bike MS fundraising efforts.



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