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Bike MS: City to Shore Ride 2017

Team Papo

Team Papo will ride again this year (our 7th year).  Luis Camacho (“Papo”) who battled MS for more than a decade was lost to us due a brain cancer that he also courageously faced.  So much of this team is based in the ideals that Papo held close to him: 

James 2: 18

Indeed someone might say,

"You have faith and I have works."

Demonstrate your faith to me without works,

and I will demonstrate my faith to you from my works.”


Papo had faith … faith in this family, faith in his daughters, faith that whatever work was required he would muster up.  From an early age Papo had to forge uphill, personal tragedies that might have crushed many were just marks on this man’s full life. He approached each day with an unbridled desire for just a bit more, more for his wife, for his daughters, and more for himself.  But, what was truly remarkable was that the more he worked for … the more he gave of himself. I would say that all you needed to do was ask and he was always willing to give, we all know though, that you never had to ask … he gave without the asking.  So, too, will Team Papo look to give of ourselves through this event.  Luis Angel Camacho, Papo, was taken from us too soon, but he leaves behind a clear message and a blueprint on how to live a life.  Measure him by the distance covered from where he started.

Every mile Team Papo has ridden and will ride has become a memorial for the man who fought for every step and a testament that while life might be a struggle at times, it is a struggle worth embracing.

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