2014 BP MS 150

2014 BP MS 150 * April 12-13, 2014 * Houston to Austin

Texas Independence Tour
Texas Independence Tour

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Goal: $400.00
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Why We're Riding: 

  For years we all have received emails from friends riding in this event and donated a little when and where we could.  The emails are a little presumptive and sometimes seem intrusive.  no one would be offended if you delete them, heck we've all done that a time or two.  BUT!!!

  This year GameDay plans to sponsor 2 riders for the 170 mile route of the MS150 from Houston to Austin on April 12 & 13. 

  We'll sponsor a few training rides with other MS150 riders including "The Texas Independence Bike Tour 2014", a 62 mile course through parts of our own neighborhood... Pasadena, LaPort, Clear Lake and Deer Park.  We will try to be part of several other rides in preparation for the big one in April.


  Our rider will proudly carry your name on the jersey number as a contributor to the success of this event. On this profile page, We are soliciting donations to the MS150 organization for our sponsorship portion of the fund raising.  Any donation you make on my behalf will go directly to the MS Society in the name of GameDay for research and developing a cure!  Please take a minute to read what this organization does and contribute any amount, if you can. 

Thanks for reading all the way to here,

Wes Westfall



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