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National MS Society, Bike MS: Sam's Club Round-Up Ride

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Bike MS: Sam's Club Round-Up Ride

UNT Health's Angels

A Brief Introduction

For those who don't know who we are, let me introduce our team.  We are the UNT Healths Angels. Our team was created to change the lives of others, others that need our help.  We are supported by the UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth and proudly wear the Green.

Our first year was 2012 and we really made a difference.  Each rider raised on average over $1,500.  Granted, we were small, only 14 riders but we raised over $25,000 towards changing peoples lives.  In 2013 our team doubled in size and we raised over $35,000.  Almost 50% of our riders raised $1,000 or more and 10% were in the Top 100.  We are dedicated to making lives better and having fun doing it.



While we have a great time doing what we love, the purpose of the ride is to raise money for research and support programs. Without your support, we can't impact as many lives. Thankfully, we do have your support and we hope you will consider supporting one of our riders or our team by donating today.


Why Ride

There are many reasons to ride and all are good reasons. Personal goals, the cause, health, fun or adventure.  And there are many reasons for someone to decide not to ride ... I used several of them for many years myself.  But the first time you hear the words "Thank You" and see the appreciation from someone with MS who came out to support you as you cross the finish line, you will find one big reason why you should ride.  At that point, excuses becomes much more difficult to find.


Not everyone has the option to ride. We ride to take the fight to MS and give those affected by MS hope.  When they see us riding 150 miles over those two days in May, it gives them hope. And the money we raise makes a difference in their lives and the lives of those not yet diagnosed.


We Need your Help

Sitting at home doing nothing is not how Healths Angels are going to change lives; we are doing something to make a difference. Lets change the world together.  If you can't ride this year, please consider donating to a UNT Healths Angels team member or the team.


Ride On.




UNT Health's Angels - Join Team Raised
I Donated David Baker $5,245.00
I Donated Darrin D'Agostino $865.00
I Donated Camille Ayoub $335.00
I Donated Matt Baker $1,215.00
I Donated James Baliko $350.00
Danielle Call $305.00
I Donated Richie Call $300.00
I Donated Blair Chappell $1,055.00
Leo D'Agostino $1,200.00
I Donated Harold Fain $300.00
I Donated Susan Fain $3,300.00
Dana Grissom $140.00
I Donated David Grissom $335.00
I Donated Shirley Grissom $420.00
I Donated Kim Iglesia $1,001.00
I Donated Lexi Koller $1,100.00
James Lovett $1,215.00
I Donated David Mason $1,255.00
I Donated Alvin Mathe $1,030.00
$5000 I Donated Wayne McCraw $7,200.00
I Donated John Payne $275.00
I Donated Mel Register $1,140.00
I Donated Wills Register $1,015.00
I Donated Emily Rhodes $480.00
I Donated Robert Richard $300.00
Timothy Richardson $0.00
I Donated Todd Sifert $375.00
I Donated Richard Sivley $300.00
Austin Stewart $500.00
I Donated Ninfa Trevino $300.00
I Donated Christopher Vera $495.00
Brook Willett $605.00
I Donated Austin Willis $440.00
I Donated Kirt Woolsey $3,270.00
Lydia Zarate $735.00
Team Gifts $0.00
Denotes a Team Captain

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