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Bike MS: Sam's Club Round-Up Ride

Team Bike Mart


Jim Hoyt had an idea about starting a team for the MS 150. At that time there were about 10-18 corporate teams that were raising some good money, but that was not good enough for Jim.  So Team Bike was formed in late 2001 for the 2002 ride season.  It was inspired by Jim and Rhonda Hoyt and long time friend and road bike racer Steve Mailman. Steve was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1990.  The team that was started in Steve Mailman's honor had a mission.  The goal was to raise a lot more money to fight this terrible disease.

TBM Fundraising Incentives and Prizes for Bike MS, May 3-4, 2014


The 2014 prize list.

Here is how the prizes list will work.

For each $1000 raised you will receive and entry into the drawing.

Entries will be based on your account as of April 30 (Due Date for Bike MS prizes is still June 4, 2013. Minimum of $300 due on packet pick up.)

The Drawing will be held in the TEAM BIKE MART TENT at 3:30 pm, SATURDAY, MAY 3, 2013.(Team picture will be before the drawing)

Do not have to be present to win.

Prize list

 Specialized Bicycle (Roubaix Elite or Ruby Elite or Stump Jumper Comp Carbon 29 er)

 RETUL Bike Fit

2 $150 RBM Gift Cards

2 $100 RBM Gift Cards

2 $75 RBM Gift Cards

2 $50 RBM Gift Cards

Raise $750 and you will receive a $50 RBM Gift Card

Raise $2500 and you will receive a, well we are working on that, TBD.

These prizes are Team Bike Mart fundraising incentives. Bike MS also has prizes that you can receive.


We have Fundraising Incentives for all other Team Bike Mart events.

Team Bike Mart - Join Team Raised
I Donated Sam Montag $395.00
I Donated John Allison $500.00
Todd Ammermann $3,515.00
I Donated David Appleby $300.00
I Donated Angela Arnold $800.00
I Donated Ford Baker $395.00
I Donated Adam Barklage $340.00
I Donated Jim Baum $300.00
I Donated Brian Bedingfield $300.00
I Donated David Behrman $450.00
I Donated Terri Behrman $300.00
David Berman $710.00
Charmaine Bester $880.00
I Donated Jeff Bitting $350.00
I Donated Jason Blied $440.00
James Boyle $0.00
Diane Breznik $320.00
I Donated Jack Broome $4,857.00
I Donated Brian Byrne $300.00
Colin Byrne $815.00
Richard Byrne $425.00
I Donated Shane Byrne $415.00
Alex Carino $0.00
J Casas $400.00
Douglas Clarkson $0.00
Susan Clarkson $0.00
I Donated Marianne Daily $300.00
Kenny Eden $0.00
I Donated Daniel Estes $300.00
I Donated Thomas Faulkner $300.00
I Donated Kris Fischer $570.00
I Donated Kelly Florence $1,285.00
Peggy Foley $0.00
Theresa Francesconi $1,065.00
I Donated Lawrie Friedman $570.00
I Donated Manuel Galvan $300.00
I Donated Steve Gandy $300.00
Lynn Garcia $225.00
Oscar Garcia $500.00
I Donated Keith Giddens $35.00
I Donated Sean Glinka $1,005.00
Jerry Grady $0.00
Lily Gross $300.00
Susie Gross $380.00
I Donated Zak Hall $300.00
James Harris $4,820.00
I Donated Matt Harris $1,150.00
Colin Hill $574.00
I Donated Susette Hill $300.00
Ray Hirschowitz $450.00
I Donated Jeremiah Hogan $335.00
I Donated Louis Holtz $335.00
Robert Hunt $300.00
Tom Hunt $0.00
I Donated John Ivanoff $35.00
Patrick Jumper $700.00
William Kantenberger $0.00
John Keefe $0.00
I Donated Anna Kemp $1,321.00
Steve Kemp $0.00
I Donated Gerald Kep Kepner $4,529.00
Kim Kepner $300.00
I Donated Scott Kitchens $300.00
Ronald Klein $0.00
I Donated Stephen Knowles $565.00
I Donated Irma Koepke $385.00
I Donated Ronald Kostelny $4,540.00
I Donated David Larimore $65.00
Jennifer Ledbetter $625.00
I Donated Daniel Lehew $325.00
I Donated Marilyn Lenox $875.00
I Donated John Lesikar $555.00
I Donated Steve Look $300.00
$5000 I Donated George Markus $5,655.00
I Donated Harry Mason $2,500.00
I Donated Timothy McGuire $300.00
I Donated Omega Mejia $300.00
I Donated Gregory Meyer $300.00
I Donated Chris Minisquero $1,305.00
Doug Moore $0.00
Cory Mortensen $0.00
I Donated Kate Mortensen $100.00
I Donated Ed Muccioli $4,050.00
I Donated Peter Mulligan $4,605.00
I Donated Courtney Murphy $370.00
I Donated David Norman $300.00
I Donated Mary Norman $300.00
I Donated Derick Oubre $35.00
Tim Parker $0.00
Jamie Pfluger $1,215.00
I Donated Tim Pope $335.00
I Donated Jeff Postell $1,205.00
I Donated John Potter $300.00
I Donated Amy Puckett $3,275.00
I Donated Rogelio Ramon $35.00
I Donated Royce Regester $50.00
Brandon Richardson $0.00
$5000 Joel Roffman $11,644.00
Kyle Rogers $0.00
$5000 I Donated Mark Rogers $9,095.00
I Donated Jo Rose $300.00
I Donated Jason Rowan $435.00
I Donated Brian Shannon $300.00
Kevin Shannon $435.00
I Donated Gary Sieburg $465.00
I Donated Terry Sigle $300.00
I Donated Drew Singer $1,445.00
I Donated Jeff Singer $400.00
Eric Smernoff $300.00
I Donated Ken (Woody) Smith $300.00
I Donated Ronald Soonius $2,310.00
I Donated David Soskolne $490.00
I Donated James Stanton $300.00
Craig Stone $335.00
Kris Stone $2,960.00
I Donated Sharon Stone $670.00
Pamela Swank $0.00
Michael Tenbusch $4,965.00
Tom Unis $0.00
I Donated Terry Vaughan $35.00
I Donated Tim West $360.00
$5000 I Donated Donald Whaley $5,005.00
Brian Wharton $0.00
I Donated Austin Wyker $405.00
I Donated Pedro Yen $300.00
Michael Zamor $440.00
Team Gifts $0.00
Denotes a Team Captain

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