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Bike MS: Sam's Club Round-Up Ride

Cheesy Riders

The Cheesy Riders are a great group of cyclists who love to ride and support great causes.  It is open to anyone who deep down inside is Cheesy (or not)!  So let out your inner Chester and join the best team ever.

Visit our web page for more information about the team: 


Cheesy Riders - Join Team Raised
I Donated Pak Meng Cham $3,530.00
I Donated Denise Chochrek $2,751.93
I Donated Tina Robertson $2,500.00
Adam Andrews $0.00
Lindsey Andrews $0.00
Bobby Arcayna $400.00
I Donated Robin Armstrong $400.00
$5000 I Donated Kathy Aurand $7,865.40
Ken Ballard $385.00
Kendra Ballard $75.00
I Donated Kennedy Ballard $25.00
I Donated Lynn Ballard $400.00
Melissa Ballard $345.00
Richard Behar $0.00
I Donated Julie Berkhouse $583.00
I Donated Susan Bracken $590.00
I Donated Carl Browning $315.00
I Donated Dee Dee Bryant $380.00
I Donated Laura Bucila $375.00
I Donated Chris Bundy $1,990.00
Karol Bundy $750.00
I Donated Debbie Bush $500.00
Ethan Bush $50.00
Diana Cano $80.00
I Donated Francisco Cardenas $1,660.00
I Donated Max Chesser $3,115.00
Nicole Chochrek $575.27
Etta Clark $335.00
I Donated Jan Cocchiarella $300.00
Tyler Davis $0.00
Linda DeFrank $0.00
I Donated Brian Dietrich $300.00
Dara Dohnalik $520.00
I Donated David Dohnalik $1,140.00
I Donated Genevieve Dominguez $300.00
I Donated Jeremy Durham $760.00
Lisa Fenderson $300.00
I Donated Rena Fenner $300.00
I Donated Rocky Gardiner $375.00
Glenda George $405.00
Aron Gilbert $2,500.00
I Donated Kelly Guiles $300.00
I Donated Hannah Hansen $435.00
I Donated Coy Harrison $300.00
I Donated Jennifer Hemmingsen $866.00
I Donated Peter Hemmingsen $360.00
Ana Herrera-Malone $435.00
I Donated Vincent Hicks $815.00
Michael Holland $0.00
Loni Holt $0.00
I Donated Steve Huddleston $405.01
I Donated Tia Huddleston $625.00
Mike Hughey $525.00
John Igoe $300.00
Schoolcraft Jeffrey $300.00
Denise Jones $150.00
I Donated Emily Kan $1,513.00
I Donated Ray Kaviani $1,073.82
I Donated Patricia Kelly $300.00
Mohammad Khan $150.00
Larry Koonce $0.00
I Donated Gerryl Krilic $365.00
I Donated Denise Lake $300.00
I Donated John Lake $1,565.00
I Donated Staci Land $400.00
Melissa Laurel $590.00
I Donated Terry Lemon $320.00
Julie Linares $300.00
I Donated Robert Mackley $300.00
Mac Magalindan $410.00
Mar Magalindan $1,265.00
I Donated David Malone $335.00
Domingo Martinez $100.00
Teresa McEwen $500.00
Antonio Mello Silva $1,085.00
Jill Mendenhall $3,065.00
Scott Moore $1,190.00
I Donated Wyne Moreni $1,100.00
I Donated Arthur Morgan $500.00
I Donated Bill Mugan $300.00
Attilio Neto $610.00
Dawn Nix $0.00
I Donated Boris Nurko $1,340.00
Helene Parker $300.00
I Donated Marshall Parker $1,576.00
Meg Penrose $860.00
I Donated Laura Perdue $300.00
I Donated Anthony Perea $505.00
Carolyn Quinn $465.00
I Donated Jim Robarge $1,010.00
I Donated Deb Robers $300.00
I Donated Elaine Roberts $680.00
Scott Saldinger $0.00
Alice Seifert $0.00
Clara Seifert $0.00
Judy Sherman $1,505.00
Evamarie Smith $590.00
Georgina Trotter $0.00
John Trotter $0.00
I Donated Louis Vazquez $300.00
Cindy Vinzant $310.00
I Donated Nathan Walsh $300.00
I Donated Shannon Watts $520.00
I Donated Katherine Wayles $585.00
I Donated Scott Wayles $700.00
I Donated Dart West $300.00
I Donated David Winters $455.00
I Donated Karen Winters $530.00
I Donated Manuel Zapata $375.00
I Donated Jerico Zimerman $559.00
Team Gifts $1,100.00
Denotes a Team Captain

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