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2017 BP MS 150

Baker Hughes Express Team Photo - LaGrange
Baker Hughes Express Team Photo - LaGrange

Baker Hughes Express


 Thank you for signing up for our 2017 Baker Hughes Express MS-150 team despite the uncertainties of the impending merger.  At this point in time I do not believe that the merger will have any impact on the team, but I will keep everyone informed if I hear anything to the contrary.  As there is virtually no possibility that the merger would close before the MS-150, GE and Baker Hughes will have separate teams this year.

The other concern is the ongoing oil bust and companywide cutbacks.  At this point it appears that we will be receive funding as normal, though that is not guaranteed.  The company typically spends around  $120 per rider plus the cost of jerseys (around $50 each) supporting the team.  We do not beleive that it will be necessary, but we may need to ask you to pay a fee for the first time this year in the event that we do not obtain our normal funding. 


The difficulties out of the way, I would like to congratulate everyone who participated on last year's team, which had our best ever per rider fund raising.  Though we were down from 145 riders in 2015 to only 79 in 2016, we raised nearly $1600 per rider with total fundraising of over $125,000.  Two of our riders qualfied for Club 300, the top 300 fundraisers out of all 13,000 total riders and one was in the top 50.

Despite numerous challenges Baker Hughes Express is riding again this year because we are inspired by the challenges that people afflicted with MS suffer every year.  We are riding to make a difference in the fight against MS by doing everything we can to help find a cure.  This is a cause we truly believe in. Can we count on your support?  

Here are some team rules and possible changes we want you to know about:

1.  FUNDRAISING - Starting with the 2015 BP MS 150, the National MS Society required that riders reach the $400 minimum fundraising level before the ride or they will not be permitted to participate.  Please remember that the reason we ride is to end MS.  Joining Team Baker Hughes Express is a pledge to meet AT LEAST the minimum $400 per rider fundraising requirement.  We hope that you will set your goal at $1000 or more.  Last year nearly half our riders raised at least $1000!

2.  JERSEY - We believe that the team will once again provide free jerseys; however, that has not yet been confirmed.  If we are forced to charge for jerseys (i) they will be optional and (ii) we expect the cost to be around $50.  

If the team does provide jerseys, you will be required to reach the $400 minimum fundraising goal in order to receive your jersey.  You must meet the minimum before the ride, we will NOT give out jerseys to anyone who has not met the minimum.  As always, you must complete the safe cycling challenge to receive your jersey.  This should take experienced riders about 10 minutes.

3.  SAFETY - Though not required for 2016, we would ask that everyone who has not taken a group riding safety course since May 2014 take the course this year.  We're trying to schedule one or two courses at Baker Hughes locations (Rankin Road and/or CTI), plus the MS Society offers a number of courses.

4.  QUALIFICATION - Due to the difficult circumstances this year, we are limiting the team to Baker Hughes employees and their friends and family riding with them.  If you register and do not have a Baker Hughes e-mail address we will ask for confirmation that you are an employee or are being sponsored by one.  Although it is not likely to be an issue this year due to the reduced size of the company, we will cap registration at approximately 150.  We have had to turn away some riders in the past.

5.  READY2ROLL CYCLING -  We train with the premier MS-150 training program, Ready2Roll Cycling.  There is a $155.00 fee to participate and it is not mandatory, but it's a great program and the cost is well below what it would take to participate in so many (12-14) organized training rides.  The first two training rides for beginning riders are January 7 and 21.  The main program starts January 28.  I cannot recommend the program highly enough.  Getting out of town to ride in the hills for a number of weeks in a row makes completing the long, hilly ride to Austin so much easier.

Benefits of Joining Team Baker Hughes Express:

1.  Transportion of gear from Houston to LaGrange and LaGrange to Austin (you return the gear yourself).

2.  Separate Day 1 departure site with "facilities" so you do not need to leave with the thousands from Tulley or one of the other official start sites.  [NOTE - Our prior sponsor has relocated, so we are seeking a new team start point]

3.  Team tent, air mattresses and Mark's famous chicken gumbo dinner at LaGrange, along with snacks, refreshments and breakfast.

4.  Team tent in Austin with refreshments.


BP MS 150 Houston to Austin is a physical challenge for cyclists of every level, but it’s so much more than just a ride. The camaraderie, passion, and memories that come from sharing this experience with our team will stay with us for a lifetime. The BP MS 150 is a weekend-long and LIFE-long opportunity to make a difference in your own life, and in the world. It’s a group effort that transcends personal accomplishment and touches the lives of the thousands of people affected by MS in our community. Join us! It’s more than a ride—it’s Bike MS.

About MS
Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable, often disabling, disease of the central nervous system that interrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. Millions of people are affected by MS and the challenges of living with its unpredictable symptoms, which range from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. The progress, severity and specific symptoms of MS in any one person cannot yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are moving us closer to a world free of MS.

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Your gift helps support cutting-edge research and programs and services for everyone impacted by MS. Ending MS means no one will receive an MS diagnosis again. Every dollar helps. Every connection matters.

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