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2017 BP MS 150

Tacodelians enjoying the 2016 ride!
Tacodelians enjoying the 2016 ride!

Team Tacodeli

Team Tacodeli is unlike most teams that ride in the MS 150. How? Most teams have one big corporate sponsor, but we’re a grass-roots team supported by multiple Austin businesses. We were started by four friends in 2005 who wanted to build a team, have some fun, and help make a difference for people living with MS! Our name is derived from our major sponsor, Tacodeli. To date we've raised over one million dollars for the MS Society! The goals of the team are simple - to have fun with friends (new and old), to raise a lot of money for the MS Society, support a great local Austin business and … to have fun!
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Progress: 95.9075%

Goal $160,000.00 Achieved $153,451.97

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