2018 BP MS 150

Team Greystar

In 2010, a friend of a Greystar employee named Holly Brannon was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at just 26 years old.  This news was the motivation behind the forming of Team Greystar.  It wasn't long before we realized that MS was something that touched many of our Greystar Team Members close to home and from then on, the spirit of the team launched and hasn't slowed down!

In 2013 on a flight from Houston to Denver, a Greystar Team Member met Lisa Sailor, an amazing ambassador to the MS Society and someone who's been living with the effects of Multiple Sclerosis for many years.  This flight of fate allowed us to connect with Lisa and has provided our team the privilege of having Lisa as a staple within our Group.

If you're a Greystar Team Member, come ride with us!  If you're a friend or family member of a Greystar employee, inquire about being part of our team.  If you're looking to support our team, thank you for your donations!  This amazing event is the perfect way to give back to the community while meeting your fellow Greystar Team Members.  Not to mention...it's good for your heart in more ways than one!

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