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Bike MS: Tour de Vine 2014

The Grateful Tread

Who is the Grateful Tread?  We are a very a diverse group of friends and co-workers.  Some of those, who like me, initially questioned their ability complete even 25 miles much less 50 or 75 and we all have succeeded.  Some who are much more “accomplished” and enjoy riding the Century Loop (or longer) and view the mountains as a breathtaking challenge rather than a cruel obstacle prior to lunch or supper.  It took us 11 years to raise over $250,000 (that’s a 1/4 MILION DOLLARS!!).  Our new team goal?  Double it in the next 4 years to $500,000 (that’s a 1/2 MILION DOLLARS!!).  How are we doing?  We are at $343,000.  Yep, we can do it!  Come be part of it!!!


In response to the question asked several years ago “Why do you think your team is unique?”  I offer the following:

Are you serious?  All of the following have been true at some point in team history.  Veteran riders with over 15 years of MS riding, mountain bikes with lugged tires, husbands and wives, tye dyed T’s and jerseys, a rider and friend who rode 125 miles on one day and 100 the next to “cover” for the team captain who was in a wheel chair due to a skiing accident, Boy Scouts, first time MS riders, middle school students, road bikes, mothers & fathers and sons & daughters, recumbents, riders who haven’t been on a bike in over 30 years, college students, tri-athletes (and not), an engaged couple on a tandem 3 weeks before their wedding, an age spread from youngest to oldest rider exceeding 55 years, boyfriends and girlfriends, high school students, a team captain who still has 47 screws/4 plates/a rod/a new shoulder from that skiing accident LOL and a rider who went down and hit hard enough to fracture her helmet but still made the party Saturday night!  Perhaps most importantly at the end of the ride a few years ago one of our riders shared that they had just been diagnosed with MS.

How awesome to be a part of that, huh?!!!!


How would we compare to a BIG ride, say the NYC ride you ask??  Are we just a big fish in a little pond?  Well Dorothy (my wife) and I participated in the 5,000 rider, $2,400,000, NYC ride on October 6th, saw their numbers and this is how we stack up against their very best:

  1. Here is the list of teams that beat us fund raising: J.P. Morgan Chase, ING and Tire Team.  We would be their #4 fundraising team making us an Elite Team!!  Are there other names you might recognize in their top 10 like Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanly and Barclays maybe?  Yep, we did beat them!!
  2. What about individual fundraising you ask?  We would have had 2 in the Top 10 at #7 and #8 and we would have had 8 in their Elite 200!!

In fishing terms I’d suggest we are “Citation size!!!


Our team mantra is simple “Where can so many people, have so much fun, doing so much good?”  Whether you ride, or volunteer or choose to support us with you pledges, genuinely appreciate the fact that you are able to do something this fun for such a good cause.

If you have any questions please contact me at


The Grateful Tread Raised
$5000 I Donated Dale Dobroth $6,745.00
Mary Atkins $0.00
$1000 Milestone Ricky Barker $3,060.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum I Donated Elizabeth Brown $385.00
Tim Cox $0.00
$1000 Milestone I Donated Donald Crawford $2,365.00
Rudy Dean $0.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum Chris Dobroth $300.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum Dorothy Dobroth $300.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum Mary Dobroth $300.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum Rachel Dobroth $300.00
$1000 Milestone Matthew Drayer $1,265.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum Lee Eliav $300.00
$1000 Milestone I Donated Arthur Fovargue $3,054.01
Kathleen Fovargue $0.00
$1000 Milestone I Donated Daniel Fraser $2,255.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum Charles Gutberlet III $375.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum I Donated Rebecca Gutberlet $535.00
$1000 Milestone I Donated Chris Hamilton $1,350.00
$1000 Milestone I Donated Rich Harris $2,030.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum I Donated Tom Hoerner $635.00
$5000 I Donated Jacob Irwin $5,570.91
$1000 Milestone Deanna Jones $1,190.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum I Donated Toby Jones $380.00
I Donated Edward Kasch $100.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum I Donated Sandra Kreider $400.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum I Donated Carol Lown $500.00
Bill Painter $0.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum I Donated Ellen Painter $525.00
$1000 Milestone I Donated Kelly Richardson $1,205.00
$5000 I Donated Alfred Richmond $6,000.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum I Donated Courtney Roberts $795.00
$1000 Milestone I Donated Randy Robinson $1,330.00
$1000 Milestone I Donated John Rosenberger $3,020.00
$300 Fundraising Minimum I Donated Keith Sandum $300.00
$1000 Milestone I Donated Tim Schimmel $1,500.00
$1000 Milestone I Donated Ray Stapleton $1,680.00
Wendy Turley $0.00
Paul Weve $0.00
Team Gifts $75.00
Denotes a Team Captain

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