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Wisconsin, Pewaukee - Bike MS 2014: TOYOTA Best Dam Bike Ride

Sonic Streamers

We've formed a team for Bike MS: Best Dam Bike Ride because we want to experience a great ride and help the National MS Society fund research, advocate for change and help people with MS. We believe in this cause. Can we count on your support? 

Bike MS: Best Dam Bike Ride is a physical challenge for cyclists of every level, but it’s so much more than just a ride. The camaraderie, passion, and memories that come from sharing this experience with our team will stay with us for a lifetime. Bike MS: Best Dam Bike Ride is a weekend-long and LIFE-long opportunity to make a difference in your own life, and in the world. It’s a group effort that transcends personal accomplishment and touches the lives of the thousands of people affected by MS in our community. Join us! It’s more than a ride—it’s Bike MS.

About MS

Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable, often disabling, disease of the central nervous system that interrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. Millions of people are affected by MS and the challenges of living with its unpredictable symptoms, which range from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. The progress, severity and specific symptoms of MS in any one person cannot yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are moving us closer to a world free of MS.

Join our team!

Your gift helps support cutting-edge research and programs and services for everyone impacted by MS. Ending MS means no one will receive an MS diagnosis again. Every dollar helps. Every connection matters.

Sonic Streamers - Join Team Raised
Christin Harding $0.00
Ken Minor $0.00
I made a self-pledge Bob Aspinwall $72.50
Jeffrey Ayres $0.00
Kenneth Barth $0.00
Bennett Berson $0.00
Kim Bigler $0.00
Richard Boerke $0.00
Kara Bollivar $0.00
Nick Cable $0.00
I made a self-pledge Sue Castle $35.00
I made a self-pledge Wendy Czaja $157.00
Robin Dosier $0.00
Gretchen Emmerich $0.00
John Emmerich $0.00
Jeffrey Esser $0.00
Jeffrey Frazer $0.00
Tammy Frey $50.00
Parker Gabriel $0.00
I made a self-pledge Paul Gabriel $65.00
Michael Gates $0.00
Holly Hatcher $0.00
Doug Hensen $0.00
I made a self-pledge Brian Higgs $185.00
Jamie Jeppsen $0.00
Rosann Jesberger $0.00
Diane Johnson $0.00
Julie Jones $0.00
Jim Karls $0.00
Matt Karls $0.00
Rick Karls $0.00
Keith Kunugi $0.00
Jesse Leichsenring $0.00
Laurie Leininger $0.00
Mary Marcus $0.00
I made a self-pledge Justin Martin $550.00
Steven McMahon $0.00
I made a self-pledge Ryan Mechelke $65.00
Jessie Miller $0.00
I made a self-pledge Karen Minor $50.00
Sara Motisi Olah $0.00
Sue Mueller $0.00
I made a self-pledge Nathan Murray $20.00
Mike O'Connor $0.00
Donna O'Donnell $0.00
Linda Pucel $0.00
Steven Pyfferoen $0.00
Brian Raemisch $0.00
I made a self-pledge Tammy Reed $65.00
David Ringoen $0.00
Thomas Ristau $25.00
Claire Sauter $0.00
Cammie Schreck $0.00
I made a self-pledge Heather Schulz $75.00
Mike Sommers $0.00
I made a self-pledge Silke Sonntag $65.00
I made a self-pledge Tim Sparks $305.00
I made a self-pledge Annette Spyker $65.00
Joshua Stankey $0.00
Kirk Strang $0.00
Wendy Strang $0.00
Ann VogtSchaller $0.00
Jeff Vogtschaller $0.00
Max Zitzner $0.00
Team Gifts $0.00
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