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 Dear Challenge Walk Friends,

This week in America, approximately 200 people will hear the words, "you have MS". I have never heard those words. My young son-in-law has. At the age of 27, with a 1 year old son, he was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS.  As a nurse, Dylan was certainly aware of the range of symptoms possible with MS. As it is for everyone, it was a devastating moment.

Fast forward 5 1/2 years. 

Dylan has been in remission since shortly after his diagnosis by following a medication regime that has been very successful. He hasn't just moved on from the moment of diagnosis, he has charged forward with school, work, family and hobbies.  Almost unbelievably, Dylan goes to school full time, works full time as a nurse and he and my daughter have added two children to their family. He has also developed a passion for fly fishing when he has a free(?) second!

Dylan is able to do all of this because of better treatments developed for MS over the years through research supported by MS Society events like Challenge Walk. And, there is much more work to be done. We live in hope.                   

Hope for even better treatment. Hope for finding a cause. Hope for a cure.

This is why I participate in the Challenge Walk. I want Dylan and every person diagnosed with MS to be able to "charge forward" with hope and confidence that we are doing everything we can to beat MS. 

We are the "MS WARRIORS". Join our team by helping us fund research and support for those with MS. Do you know someone with MS?  Send me their name and I will wear it on my back for 50 miles to show my dedication to finding a way to stop MS.

Thank you!

Jackie Piper











Dylan and Annie with Eli, Henry and Charlotte
Dylan and Annie with Eli, Henry and Charlotte


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