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Dear Friends,

Remi and I are in our seventh year of walking 50 miles in the Challenge Walk MS in Door County!!!  We both began this journey of the Challenge Walk the first year Wisconsin hosted this event; and as it turns out, it is an event that will be highlighted on my calendar for many years to come.  I am certain that I will not walk the entire 50 miles as I did in 2008, but whether it is ten miles a day or ten steps, it is my hope that the money raised will provide a cure for those challenged by the unpredictable ways of Multiple Sclerosis.

2014 marks the inaugural year of our team, Blurred Lines!!!  hAy hAy hAy!!  In addition to the strength that my family and friends provide me to fight the good fight against MS, I am grateful that the MS Challenge Walk provided me a path to meet my good friends Paula (our fearless team captain) and Steve.  Over the last few years of late evenings and lots of laughs in our cabins in Door County, Team Blurred Lines was born....along with an amazing friendship outside of Door County.  Glory be to God.  I am certain that if it is not my mom, dad, brothers Andy and Ben, or Don and Auntie Robin or Clunkle and Liz who single handedly finds the cure for MS, undoubtedly Paula and Remi will be the ones who tirelessly fight to provide the cure.  Indescribable their never ending passion for the cause.

We are about to embark on another amazing weekend.  It humbles my heart to be around so many who fight this common cause.  It hurts my heart to reconnect with my MS friends whose disease has taken a turn.  I strive to find a cure for these friends more than for my own benefit.  Thank you for helping me.

Thank you for not only walking this Challenge Walk journey with Remi, Paula, Steve, and me, but thank you also for walking with all of the Challenge Walkers that have fought for years and never given up.  Over the past seven years, Remi and I have easily raised over $22,000 through your donations, and perhaps the 2014 Challenge Walk MS will be the fundraiser that provides us a cure! :)

I love you with every ounce of my heart, and I thank you deeply.

April Anita

"Coach Arvan"

A friend will be a friend in times of all kinds.

Proverbs 17:17


Made it to 30!!!
Made it to 30!!!


Thank you, Lord!!  One foot in front of the other!  I can walk today!
Thank you, Lord!! One foot in front of the other! I can walk today!

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