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Dear Friends,

Remi and I are in our sixth year of walking 50 miles in the Challenge Walk MS in Door County. In 2008, we walked the entire 50 miles!!! In July/August of 2009, multiple sclerosis reared its unpredictable ways, my mobility was limited, and I was forced to buy my first cane. The symptoms of left leg weakness and lack of balance somewhat cleared by the date of the Challenge Walk, but we only made a few miles each day before being picked up by the handy vans along the way. I enjoyed the 2010 challenge walk with perfect health and enjoy wonderful health to this day. In 2011, I decided not to take part in the walking portion of the weekend, but my dear friend Allison Komaromy walked for me ~ and she walked the entire 50 miles in cold, drizzly weather!  Last year, Remi and I walked off and on…..she was on crutches….so we had more fun with the wine pulls in beautiful Door County.

I wasn’t quite sure what to write in this blurb this year besides….yes, I still have multiple sclerosis…..and yes, it still is a disease that I am aware of daily.  But I am surrounded by loved ones who have not cracked in their support and have rallied around me during not-so-good days.  And, as it turns out, the not-so-good days are actually super wonderful days due to the Glory of God in my life and His promise of peace. Indescribable!!

It is impossible to predict our futures. Having Multiple Sclerosis, I have learned it is impossible to predict the next minute. Yet, it is easily predictable to count on your care for me, and for that, I am speechless, I am humble, and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for walking this Challenge Walk journey with Remi and me. Over the past four years, we have easily raised over $18,000 through your donations, and perhaps the 2013 Challenge Walk MS will be the fundraiser that provides us a cure! :)

I love you with every ounce of my heart, and I thank you deeply.

April Anita

"Coach Arvan"


Made it to 30!!!
Made it to 30!!!


Thank you, Lord!!  One foot in front of the other!  I can walk today!
Thank you, Lord!! One foot in front of the other! I can walk today!

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