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Why I Walk

Last year I decided to form a team for Challenge Walk MS 2013 as a way to honor my mom and her fight with this disease, and to do something positive to help advance research and programming for those in our communities who are also impacted by MS. “D’s Angel’s” was named by mom, who often stated she wouldn’t have made it without her family and friends, her “angel’s”, supporting her along the way.  Unfortunately mom lost her battle with MS only 6 days after I finished my “rookie” Challenge Walk; however even at the end, she had never lost hope that better treatments would be discovered, and that a cure would be found. 

 What is MS

MS is a disease that attacks the central nervous system and affect s each person diagnosed differently. Symptoms can range from numbness and tingling, to loss of ability to move and complete basic daily tasks. It can affect cognition and vision. The progression of MS varies and is unpredictable. It can cause mild or severe symptoms that may progress slowly or quickly. The one thing certain is millions of people are affected by this disease and the impact reaches far beyond the individual diagnosed with MS

 Why You Should Sponsor Me

Although mom’s fight with MS has ended our fight continues! Throughout my 1st Challenge Walk journey, I learned of so many more people who also face life with MS. The nature of this disease impacts everyone involved- patients, family, caregivers, friends, employers, and our communities as a whole.  That’s why this fight is so important….whether it’s to find better treatments and a cure, or to provide support to those diagnosed and their caregivers. This effort cannot end until a cure has been found!

 Please consider joining me in this fight...

Join our team, commit to raising at least $1500, walk the 50 mile event and have your life changed by the experience.


Donate to my effort, every dollar makes a difference!! Check with your employer to see if they will match your donation, and increase your donation amount.

You probably already know someone who is impacted by this disease and may not even be aware of it! So please consider joining our fight! Mom never lost her sense of humor, her joy for the little things in life, her love for family and friends or her hope for a cure throughout her disease process. Help us keep her hope alive, let’s help find a cure!





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