Wisconsin, Door County, Challenge Walk MS 2014

Multiple SCrewballs

Check us out!  This is a team who has been involved in the MS Challenge Walk since 2008, the very first year. Since then, we have raised over 200,000. Yup, that is right!

We work hard all year long with events and of course, begging from friends and family.  Our events include making and selling greeting cards, painting and book making parties, Zumba parties, craft sales, Samba party, wine and cheese party, silent auction, 40/50 raffle, jerk chicken dinner, dodge ball tournament and raffle for TV's and ipads.  We are always in the process of implementing new ideas to raise money and awareness.

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Multiple SCrewballs Raised
I Self Pledged Patricia Heller $15,530.00
Daniel DeNoble $1,850.00
I Self Pledged Joel DeNoble $2,220.00
I Self Pledged Lori DeNoble $1,940.00
I Self Pledged Mary DeNoble $3,300.00
Phillip DeNoble $1,500.00
Emily Haggard $1,500.00
Kit Haggard $1,500.00
Thomas Heller $1,500.00
Carli Holen $1,502.00
I Self Pledged Nancy Holen $1,660.00
Erick Jones $1,500.00
Paul Lawrence $0.00
I Self Pledged Emilie McClure $1,500.00
Martha Mobley $1,516.00
I Self Pledged Hayley Rezel $2,500.00
I Self Pledged Marian Rezel $1,500.00
Gwen Tuason $1,904.77
Team Gifts $0.00
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Challenge Walk Day 3 - We did it!
Challenge Walk Day 3 - We did it!

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Multiple SCrewballs
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