Do It Yourself Fundraising is an opportunity for people with a deep commitment to the MS cause to raise awareness and critical funds for the MS Movement in new and creative ways.

This site includes helpful resources to help you kick off a Do It Yourself activity and learn from others who are hosting their own.

Activities can include golf tournaments, dinner parties, bake sales, endurance events, simply asking your friends, and more!

So get started today, join the movement®, and together we can all help to create a world free of MS!


2014 Do It Yourself Fundraising, Greater New England Chapter

2014 MS5000


The 2014 MS5000


Over $33,000 RAISED!

Please visit the 2015 MS5000 Fundraising page  HERE


Motorcycle Challenge for Multiple Sclerosis

More details at 

2014 MS5000 - Join Team Raised
Jim Abbott $100.00
Thomas Allen $0.00
James Alton $25.00
Greg Blewett $100.00
Tim Bronson $100.00
Kerri Brooks $1,545.75
Joshua Bumpus $230.00
Lynne Carey $785.00
Minna Case $1,280.00
John Cooper $5,600.00
Tonie Cowen $0.00
Howard Davidson $375.00
Shaleem Dempsey $0.00
Espy Encalade $30.00
Tawana Encalade $40.00
David Erickson $340.00
Tom Ethier $1,265.00
Michael Gamage $0.00
Kareen Garrett $0.00
Jeff Gilbert $250.00
Jon/Ande Good/Bergmann $500.00
Jason Goodwin $145.00
Stephen Grasso $300.00
Robert Horsch $75.00
Scooter 1000 Insanity $5,345.63
Jeremy Jones $0.00
Robert Jones $0.00
Susan Jones $10.00
Travis Leach $747.00
Todd LeMaster $445.00
Quentin Lewis $1,001.00
Jesse Lucas $435.00
Donald Marr $100.00
Rick Martin $225.00
Full Tilt Riders MC - Killeen, TX Chapter $0.00
Rick Miller $490.42
Toni Moody $50.00
Jim Moss $2,560.00
Russell Neal $550.00
Kevin Nixon $145.00
Jane Phair $700.00
Jim Puckett $950.00
Marvelle Robinson $0.00
Trevor Ross $460.00
Rick Sauter $1,650.00
Don Savell $250.00
David Smith $100.00
Dan Stephans $325.00
Susan Stevens-Baker $95.00
Kirsten Talken-Spaulding $1,190.00
Jonathan "Hammy" Tan $125.00
Greg Turp $150.00
Matthew White $405.00
Team Gifts $985.00
Denotes a Team Captain

Sponsored in part by Bayer HealthCare, Genentech, Genzyme, a Sanofi company, Mylan Inc., Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation and Teva Neuroscience.