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The Stand Against MS

Date: Summer 2016

Location: Locations across Alabama and Mississippi


Contact Information:
Deanna Deschenes
(205) 879-8546

Progress: 32.0922%

Goal $40,000.00 Achieved $12,836.90

Top Teams

Top Participants

  1 -  Andy Bell ($1,506.15)
  2 -  Sabrina Bernauer ($1,437.00)
  3 -  Tyrus Czeschin ($1,198.00)
  4 -  Shelli Poole ($750.00)
  5 -  Elizabeth Krebs ($699.83)

Stand Against MS 2016 Alabama and Mississippi

Stand Against MS Logo NEW 2016

Summertime fun for all ages helping move us closer to a world free of MS!


This summer, volunteers across Alabama and Mississippi will set up old-fashioned lemonade stands and donate all the proceeds earned back to the National MS Society, Alabama-Mississippi Chapter.

Choose a date this summer that is convenient for your family, business, or school/civic group and set up a Stand!  You can have the Stand any day of the week or even more than once during the two week period.

The Chapter provides Buffalo Rock's SunFresh Lemonade and Bud's Best Cookies for each stand to sell. We will also provide a yard sign, youth size T-Shirts, donation jar, pre-event advertising flyers for your stand to distribute and info about MS/thank you receipts to give to donors.  You will be able to pick-up the supplies in Birmingham, Jackson, Mobile, & Huntsville during the week of June 13-June 17.

We ask that each Stand set a minimum fundraising goal of $400 (based on the amount of product you will receive) and to exchange each bag of cookies and can of lemonade for a suggested donation of $4.


FIRST, click on the registration link at the top of the page above or CLICK HERE and sign up to host a Stand.

NEXT, you will receive an email with instructions describing how to create a user name and password to log into your "participant center" at our website.

From your participant center, you can take advantage of our online fundraising tools. You can upload your email address book, upload a photo of your stand (especially helpful for post-event fundraising targeting people who live out-of-town or who coudln't make it to your stand), tell a personal story or connection to MS and even send out suggested messages directly from the site (advertising your stand or asking for donations). We can even take credit card donations at this site! 


Children in particular love this event and like being able to "run" their very own lemonade stand

Your Stand can be set up at a location of your choice - at your business, school, church, home, office, community pool....anywhere! High traffic areas (especially areas with a high level of foot-traffic) are ideal. We've had stands in front of Wal-Mart, Belk, malls and shopping centers, book stores and grocery stores.

CLICK HERE to download a VOLUNTEER MANUAL that will give you tips and ideas to make your "Stand" great. 

After you have sold all the items that come with your Stand package, the proceeds are turned in to our office (813 Shades Creek Parkway, Suite 100B - Birmingham, AL 35209). Since we provide the supplies, the volunteer group just has to "run" the Stand and provide the table, chairs and a cooler to ice the lemonade. The lemonade is canned, so there is no messy mixing and the cookies are individually packaged.

Hosting a lemonade "Stand Against MS" is an easy and fun way to raise money for our cause, while teaching your family or group about the importance of community service. 

Event Progress

Event Participant

  1. Andy Bell - $1,506.15
  2. Sabrina Bernauer - $1,437.00
  3. Tyrus Czeschin - $1,198.00
  4. Shelli Poole - $750.00
  5. Elizabeth Krebs - $699.83
  6. Amy Fields - $691.50
  7. Bess Martin - $491.00
  8. Frances Bacak - $472.00
  9. Cynthia Isom - $441.29
  10. Tobi Bowen - $412.00

Top Fundraisers

Event Participant

  1. Andy Bell - $1,506.15
  2. Sabrina Bernauer - $1,437.00
  3. Tyrus Czeschin - $1,198.00
  4. Shelli Poole - $750.00
  5. Elizabeth Krebs - $699.83


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