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Mrs. Allison C Smith

114 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $2,000.00
Achieved: $2,275.00

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I am running the Chicago Marathon in October as a charity fundraising effort on behalf of the National MS Society and in honor of my Mom, Gloria Dady

My Mom was a runner. She ran track in High School, then College, and even as a working Mother of 3, she was always on the RUN. As kids, she would drag us to Greenlake and throw us on a bike or strap us in rollerblades so we could keep up with her while she ran the lake.

About 15 years ago, she started tripping and experiencing serious fatigue. It took all kinds of doctors all kinds of tests and time to finally determine she had MS. Not only was she diagnosed with MS, but the worst kind of MS, Primary Progressive (PPMS). The kind that only gets progressively worse with time and of the 4 different types, is the one that does not respond to treatment.

Mom steadily lost the use of her legs over a 3-5yr period and now relies on her electric wheelchair for mobility. She would do just about anything to get back on her feet and I believe that even my modest goal of raising $2,000 could help make a difference in research & medical treatments for people like my Mom.

I share her passion for running and I think it's about time I made my running goals count for something other than my own personal health benefits - so please join me in the Race to stop MS by making a small donation on my behalf, in honor of my Mom, Gloria Dady.

Donating to The National MS Society

It's easy to make an online donation -- just click the "Donate" button at the top of this page and select the amount you feel comfortable with. Or if you prefer to make a donation by check, please make the check payable to "Race to Stop MS" and mail the check to the address below. Be sure to reference my name on the check for tracking. Every little bit helps and will make a difference!

MAIL DONATIONS TO: National MS Society Attn: Race to Stop MS 525 W. Monroe Suite 900 Chicago, IL 60661

I want you to know that I truly appreciate your support, even words of encouragment throughout my training have a major impact and will help me achieve this goal.

P.S. I plan to update this page frequently so that you can follow my progress, so please check back often!



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