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California, Pasadena -- Walk MS: Greater Los Angeles 2014

You have MS....

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Hi Everyone, thank you for taking the time to read my page: 

So I always get asked the question "What does it feel like to have MS?", "What did it feel like when you were told you had MS?", "Are you ok?", and the truth is, it depends on the day you ask me. When I first found out, it was a surreal moment. As a matter of fact, it took a full year before I broke down. I always wondered why I would hear that my mom was on the phone with my grandma crying. Or why my aunt was crying when I told her. I found it odd that people looked at me and right away, tilted their head to their shoulder and felt bad for me... I still don't like that actually :) 

Anyhow, years later though, I do feel. I feel very tired and exhausted. It's also very irritating when I wake up and I feel like im falling to my side (imagine what you see when you are lying on your bed) well, that's what I see, except that I'm standing.... So it's a cane day, Which means, I get a lof people that stare at me. They try to figure me out. I've gotten used to it now... kind of. Other days, its waking up to blurriness/blindness. These days I count on my amazing husband and great mom to take care of me, our children, and everything else. Everyday though, the first thing I do before going to bed and again before getting out of bed is check the weather! If it's a cold day (below 73') it's a great day! Anything above that in the "MS world" is a hot day, which means, It's also a "Mommy ruined the day" day! Of course my family doesn't tell me this, but it would be nice to have a "regular" mom. A mom that can plan trips without having to purchase that additional "emergency insurance". I've learned that with MS you aren't allowed to get heated, get tired, or get stressed? Hmmm... Obviously, the MS Gods didn't get the memo that I live in CA, have 4 very active children, and am a drama queen!

So I ask that you please donate AND walk with me and my family to raise awareness... Tell your friends about it... Spread this, Share it on your facebook wall... Don't just do it for me, do it for all those pregnant mommies out there... for those unborn children... for their little friends... for their kids... Scary right? You don't think it would happen to you. Yeah, well my mom never though it would happen to her. Until I called her and told her "Mom, I have MS! 

Hope to see you all out there! April 6, 2014

Pasadena Rose Bowl
7:45 am - Registration Opens
9:45 am - Opening Ceremonies
10:00 am - Official Start


Together we can get through anything... Join us!
Together we can get through anything... Join us!


MS In Motion 2011
MS In Motion 2011

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