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San Diego County Credit Union Walk MS: Carlsbad 2017

Norwegian Fish Club Odin

The Vikings will be storming Carlsbad n an effort to vanquish MS and provide care and services.  Members of the Norwegian Fish Club Odin, the Sons of Norway, and the Daughters of Norway will be in our merry band.  Several of our friends and fellow members have MS and we want to do all we can to improve their quality of life.  We'll be wearing Viking costumes and having a great time together.  Last year the mighty Odin led us as we sang and made spectacles of ourselves!  It was great fun.  Come out and join us or come cheer us on!

This is the part where I convince you to join our team because we are AWESOME. Imagine walking with our unique group!  You, too, can dress like a Viking, if you like!  It's so easy to be a part of our awesomeness. Just click on that little link above the team captain's name that says "Join Team". Can't walk with us? You can still be awesome. Make a donation to a team member or the team in general and we will be ever so thankful. And you will be awesome. Everybody wins...especially our friends and family living with MS.


This has been a year of the Vikings.  Frozen is a hit movie, The Vikings is on the History channel, and Thor has been a very popular movie.  This is your opportunity to play, sing, walk, and fundraise with real Vikings!  Please join and support us!

There is NO fee to walk with the Vikings.  Be a part of thE Walk with us! 

Together, we are moving to create a world free of MS.

Join our team!
Joining our team means you support critical funds to support local programs and cutting-edge research. Our team can get us closer to realizing our promise to STOP MS in its tracks, RESTORE lost function and END MS forever. Ending MS means no one will receive an MS diagnosis again. Every step counts. Every dollar helps. Every connection matters.

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Progress: 113%

Goal $4,000.00 Achieved $4,520.00

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