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Walk MS: Denver 2014

Laura's Army of Angels

When I was diagnosed with MS two years ago, I was at the peak of my physical fitness including daily exercise and a focus on food and supplements as the primary treatment for good health. I immediately learned that there is no cure for MS, the progression of the disease is uncertain and symptoms vary from person to person.

My symptoms are unpredictable and include blurred vision, pain and imbalance in my legs and extreme fatigue.  The greatest struggle that I wrestle with is accepting that I have MS, learning to be patient with myself while accepting and adjusting to what my body can handle. I could not manage this on my own and that is why I am grateful to know the power of prayer and to lean on The Lord for strength.  He has given me an amazing family, caring friends and delivers perfect strangers to lift my spirits when I need it most.  This is what I call "Laura's Army of Angels”. 

Last year was the first year we participated in the The MS Walk fundraising event and I was absolutely blown away by how many people came to support my family and me.  At The Walk, Laura’s  "Army of Angels" was awarded the best decorated tent, raised close to $10,000 and was recognized at the MS Gala as the Rookie Team of The Year.  The blessings are endless! 


Please bring your family and join us this year on May 3, 2014 at Denver City Park. at 8:30 am. Your presence at The Walk will continue to provide me, John, Nicky and Madsy with the love and support that we greatly cherish.


Our fundraising efforts involve research focused on finding a cure for MS and achieving an actual reversal of the damage caused by MS to restore function.  What a joy this would be!  If you would like to make a donation, please click on the link below.  My goal is to hit the $10,000 mark and pray for a cure and restoration of function.


I must admit, I feared The Walk last year but because of you, I am excited and looking forward to it.


Wishing you God's peace,




May 3, 2014

Denver City Park

2001 Steele Street, Denver, Colorado

Registration Opens: 7:30 am

Walk Begins: 9:30 am


Laura's Army of Angels Raised
$1000 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Laura Fry $18,445.00
Paul Avant $0.00
Personal Donation Terry Benesh $25.00
Paul Berteau $0.00
Addison Burmeister $0.00
Elias Burmeister $0.00
Erin Burmeister $0.00
Traeton Burmeister $0.00
Kelly Croke $50.00
Personal Donation Lillian Croke $50.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Engel Family $200.00
Ross Ferguson $0.00
$500 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation John Fry $500.00
Madison Fry $0.00
Nicholas Fry $0.00
Sheri Gabor $0.00
Personal Donation Virginia Gulakowski $35.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Lance Harlan $100.00
Asia Hickman $0.00
Ann Hicks $0.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Benjamin Hicks $135.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Jill Hicks $150.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Rj Hicks $120.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Robert Hicks $222.00
Greg Hoffman $0.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Maria Hoffman $120.00
Nick Hoffman $0.00
Rosalyn Holly $0.00
Ed Hut $0.00
Katie Hut $0.00
$500 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Lisa Hut $500.00
Annika Kallestad $0.00
Drew Kallestad $0.00
$250 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Martha Kallestad $250.00
Adeline Kelly $0.00
Brenna Kelly $0.00
Brian Kelly $0.00
Jacqueline Killian $60.00
Personal Donation Sheila Laurienti $35.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation John Lowdermilk $100.00
Kim Lugo $0.00
$1000 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Michelle Magnotta $1,090.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Kate Manion $120.00
Hanna Momias $0.00
Barbara Mulcahy $0.00
Michael Mulcahy $0.00
Jill Myers $0.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Michael Nelson $200.00
Jordyn Nevelle $0.00
Personal Donation Michelle Nevelle $50.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Tammy Niederman $220.00
John Odell $0.00
Melissa Odell $0.00
Carter Oftedahl $0.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Dan Oftedahl $100.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Jennifer Oftedahl $120.00
Jp Oftedahl $0.00
Michael Oftedahl $0.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Linda Ohr $100.00
Lindsey Ohr $0.00
Ryan Ohr $0.00
Ted Ohr $0.00
Ella Plourde $0.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Melanie Plourde $100.00
Personal Donation Marianne Sarchet $35.00
Chad Schrock $20.00
Personal Donation Julie Schrock $25.00
Adriana Serena $0.00
Meshy Settlers $0.00
Personal Donation Mary Steele $50.00
Personal Donation Katherine Tiedt $50.00
Cassidy Torpen $0.00
Personal Donation Lori Walling $50.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Mary Winkle $150.00
Patti Winocur $0.00
$100 Fundraising Milestone Personal Donation Dee Zimmerman $100.00
Team Gifts $185.00
Denotes a Team Captain


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