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Walk MS: Seattle & 5K Run 2017

Team Blitz MS
Team Blitz MS

Team Blitz

Announcement:  Team Blitz MS & COLOR are excited to invite you to our Wild West Takes MS event with tickets now on sale at

It’s been 8 years since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It’s been 8 years since a good friend of mine, Elie Goral, was diagnosed too.

While our lives have been on different paths, we’ve been brought together by a disease that neither of us could have described 8 years ago, but one that we both now know all too well.

Though it’s been 1 year since I moved to London, I’ve remained heavily involved and passionate about fundraising. My eyes continuously opened to the vast number of causes that need support, and the vast number of people who share a passion for supporting these causes. It’s with that same passion that I write you and ask for your support again this year.

This year I’m not only going to fly back from London for Walk MS, but I’m also coming back to throw a massive party with my friend Elie. And we’d love for you to come.

I’ve always believed that the best thing to raise awareness is to bring a bit of fun to the fundraising we do. For 6 years that’s come in the form of our wildly successful pub crawls. But this year we’re going to try something new. Along with Elie’s creative agency, COLOR, we’re excited to bring you an evening like you’ve never had before… The Wild West Takes MS… And yes, it’s going to be as ridiculous as it sounds!

I’d like to ask you for your support…

1. Please come party! A Wild West Night
An outrageous party the night before Walk MS, where raising awareness is best done whilst raising a pint! Or many…
April 8th at 6pm : Buy tickets at

2. Please come walk! Walk MS
A great time for friends and family to get some nice Sunday morning exercise!
April 9th at 9am : Register here on this page!

3. Please donate! MS Society
The easiest way to contribute to finding a cure and the fastest way to make a difference!
Donate here on this page!

By participating in any of these 3 ways, you don’t only help me. You don’t only help Elie. You help the millions of people that have been diagnosed with the difficulty of Multiple Sclerosis, and you help the many millions more that make up the families of all of those affected as well.

Since we’ve been doing this, we’ve raised over $600,000. It’s absolutely amazing. Thank you. You have my never-ending gratitude for helping us along this journey. And while there still is no cure, there have been some tremendous breakthroughs recently that are getting us closer and closer to a world rid of MS.

I appreciate you, and hope we get to see you in Seattle on April 8th and 9th!!


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Progress: 43.0023%

Goal $75,000.00 Achieved $32,251.74

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